MONSTA X release 9th Mini Album One Of A Kind

MONSTA X are finally back. Their MV for “GAMBLER” surpasses 28 Million views in its first week


MONSTA X have released the much-awaited 9th mini-album “One Of A Kind” alongside the music video for the title track “GAMBLER”. As of writing, the music video is on its way to hit the 29 million views mark, only a week after its release. “One Of A Kind” is the first release of the year for the globally renowned K-Pop group – their previous release was “Fatal Love” in November 2020.

This mini-album consists of seven tracks that perfectly portray MONSTA X’s essence and talent. For this piece of work, the members took part in the composition, production, and songwriting processes. Rapper Joohoney, is the main producer for the title track “GAMBLER” for the first time in six years, also contributed to the rest of the tracklist. Rapper I.M, is also credited throughout the whole album. “Rotate” was written, composed, and arranged by I.M – about the track he says “the track is about flowing chemistry, which doesn’t require further explanation”. Hyungwon participated in producing his self-composed track for the second time since his debut on the track “BEBE”. Hyungwon says “I’ve always wanted to write a song dedicated to my fans, and this was a great opportunity for me to make that wish come true. I want them to feel loved by me, and us Monsta X, and realize how much we love and think of them”.

Listeners are in for a treat as soon as “GAMBLER” starts, with Joohoney’s “If you don’t know, now you know. Ok? Deal.” The track depicts an exchanged glance between lovers, while exploring irresistible feelings and a strong attraction, to a point where one is ready to bet on everything. Love is a gamble. MONSTA X’s fierce and masculinity pervades “GAMBLER”; the song is a confident masterpiece and MONSTA X knows it.

MONSTA X are not scared to musically experiment, as we can listen on “One Of A Kind” – and the results are excellent. The group moves through a fresh and airy melody on “Heaven” and “Secrets”, with a bit of disco-pop that makes you groove. The fan-dedicated “BEBE” has a classic R&B vibe, with a romantic atmosphere. With “Rotate” we jump into EDM beats and the exciting “Livin’ It Up” brings back the never-failing and always loved K-Pop accelerated rhythm that oh we love so much.

“One Of A Kind” really shows the fierce style of MONSTA X, through the boys’ unparalleled teamwork, Hollywood-worthy visuals, and movie-like music videos.

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    Monsta X musical genius!!

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