Rookie band Catch The Young release their 2nd mini-album

Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey is a follow up of their debut Catch The Young : Fragments of Youth


They’ve only made their debut in November, but the South Korean alternative rock band Catch The Young is showcasing a refreshing sound on their 2nd mini-album Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey, a follow up of their debut mini-album Fragments of the Youth. The band members Sani, Kihoon, Namhyun, Jungyong, and Jungmo are continuing their journey with main track of the album, ‘Voyager’, which embodies the idea that unity and harmony prevail within the group, even as each member takes on unique life experiences and roles.

“Since it is our second album, we wanted to include many interesting elements to showcase Catch The Young’s color more vividly and invite all listeners to have fun, even more than the first album. We also anticipate releasing this album, and we look forward to a wonderful promotion.” is how member Kihoon describes their newest release. Which we can hear definitely back! The album gives off vibes from the British band The 1975, but then in Korean, where each member stands out with their own talent. Catch the Young becomes even more unique when you realise that all the members are playing an instrument. The leader of the band, Sani, feels this album is like ‘its his own child’.

Where their song “Sentimental Journey” is about taking a step forward with dreams from pure childhood, is “The Legend” encouraging listeners to believe in themselves, where lyrics are inspired by the professional Korean gamer Faker. Another song on the album, “Always, Forever” vividly conveys feelings of love and affection. “About Us (상상해왔던 모든 게 이루어지고 있는 순간)” which means “The Moment When Everything We’ve Imagined Is Coming True.” is highlighting a reunion with personal memories. With “Light On Me (1101)” which is the band’s first song dedicated to their fans and the final track, “Stay By My Side” about reassuring to stay next to each other, is the second album from the band a rollercoaster of personal events. It’s a warm bath filled with childhood memories and affection for their fans.

Stream Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey right here:

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