Created by friends and former coworkers Verity Harris (U.K.) and Jackie Kolgraf (U.S.) in June 2016, United By Pop is an online community that aims to bring together everything trending in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

Unlike other pop culture websites that report on only one country or attempt to cover the entire world, United By Pop celebrates the differences and similarities of the pop cultures scenes in the United Kingdom and the United States. Because of its two-country audience, United By Pop is a great place to promote music, projects, launches, etc. that have growth potential in both locations.

The writers behind United By Pop infuse their personal love for everything pop culture in their pieces; rather than just breaking news, they passionately report on their favorite artists, actors, authors, etc. with the fervor of a true fan. Fans writing for fans, United By Pop’s audience values its truthful, dedicated point-of-view.

United By Pop strives to give millennial fans a place where they can “fangirl” safely, without fear of being mocked or belittled. Whether its readers are still hanging onto the boybands of the ’90s, deep in One Direction mania, or on the hunt for new artists to follow across the country (or across the pond!), United By Pop treats them like the passionate fans they are but also as adults.