The one where we reminisce Chandler Bing

We were all sad to say goodbye to this amazing actor who'll forever be remembered in our hearts


A month ago, we sadly bid farewell to Matthew Perry, who left a void that many shared on social media. His passing is a significant loss to an entire generation of fans who were deeply impacted by his memorable characters in TV shows and movies. While he left an unforgettable mark on our lives through various roles, there’s no doubt that Chandler Bing in the iconic sitcom Friends was truly memorable. Chandler became a close friend to many with his quick wit and sarcasm, brightening our days with his humorous banter.

We’ve been longing for more Chandler Bing ever since the final episode of Friends aired, and now we’ll forever miss Matthew Perry for the countless joyful moments he brought to those who, at some point in their lives, paused to enjoy Friends or for those who never stopped watching.

Here are some of Chandler’s most memorable moments on the show:

  • All his encounters with Janice

Janice definitely brought out the best reactions out of Matthew’s character. He goes from avoiding her at all costs. to falling in love with her and not being able to stand her again. When those two where put together all of us watching would without a doubt laugh out loud at anything he would say.

  • His unbreakable friendship with Joey

All six of them loved each other and were very good a loyal friends, but none of the friendship on the show can compare to the bond shared between Chandler and Joey. Chandler was Joey’s number one supporter, even when he made mistakes he never stopped trying to make it right by Joey and proved how strong their friendship was. Those two were definitely friendship goals.


  • Chandler’s hatred for Thanksgiving

One thing we knew for sure was that every special Thanksgiving episode would make us laugh hard because Chandler would always react in a way that would be funny. Even though he hated that day he would always be by his friends side and try to enjoy it. From one of these episodes we got his first love confession to Monica, an unforgettable moment to those who loved the couple.


  • His love story with Monica

From all of Chandler’s relationships, no other can compare to Mondler’s love story. The reaction the cast got from that one scene in London was enough to tell that from them on they would live the best love story on the show. Chandler was far away from being the perfect partner, but he never failed to love Monica, not even when they couldn’t have kids. He went out of his way to be the best person for her and I’m glad he had his happy ending with her.

Now looking at every single post on Twitter/X reminiscing Matthew’s greatest moments, we know he carved his name on every single Friends fan’s heart and will never be forgotten.

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