Anthony Lexa releases new single Sleepy

This is Anthony Lexa’s time, and we’re ready for her


Anthony Lexa is back with her new track, ‘Sleepy’. ‘Sleepy’ sees Anthony creating a new sonic universe, a space for Anthony to process insomnia, her busy mind and experiment with electronic elements.

Sleepy’ comes from Anthony’s experiences of insomnia and is settled in two worlds; the song waves through a lullaby melody, with eerie textures, where Anthony exposes her more vulnerable side and moments, and brassy electronic elements, as she struggles and fights her racing thoughts and loneliness. In the lyrics, “I don’t wanna sleep, I don’t feel like dreaming, I don’t wanna talk about how I’m feeling…Too much in my head so I let you eat it”, Anthony creates a space to vent, but not a space to dream. Anthony elaborates, “‘Sleepy’ is the sexy older sister to my first single ‘Early Nights’. Sometimes no matter how early you get in bed, the last thing you want to be doing is sleeping”.

For this new cut, Anthony Lexa teamed up with Mark Elliott (Orla Gartland, FIZZ, Greta Isaac); the two have previously worked together on Anthony’s ‘Early Nights’. Anthony has recently released ‘T Time’, a collaborative two-track EP with Sex Education co-star Felix Mufti. The duo are both inspired by retro hip-hop, and realised they wanted to write music together whilst on set, so Anthony penned the two tracks ‘Just In Case’ and ‘Love The Same’ as an ode to their characters, amidst the whirlwind of their dreams coming true. Anthony and Felix are hosting and performing at The Glory on Monday 11th December, set to be an evening of fun and frivolities.

Growing up nestled in the UK countryside in rural Devon, Anthony often felt isolated, and without the queer or trans representation she later discovered she was desperately craving. Anthony explains: “It’s so important for me to make music that can help queer people feel seen, but also empowered. No one has to feel alone like I did growing up in the rural countryside, with no positive representation, and if I help even one person have the courage to continue living authentically then I have done my job right. This is what I’m made for and I want the opportunity to use my privilege to represent and make space for the wider intersectional trans community”.

Anthony is determined to embody the representation she wished she’d had, and her role as Abbi in the fourth and final season of Sex Education is a monumental moment for the trans community, and especially for trans women, as she explains it to be “the art I would have only dreamed of seeing in the media when I was growing up”. Anthony’s intentions with her music are also just that – being a public, vocal and proud trans woman “that will hopefully make a lot of young people feel represented”.

Sleepy’ is out now.

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