Annalise Avery tests your Greek God knowledge

Today we are honoured to have Annaliese Avery here to test our knowledge on Greek Gods.


We love Greek myths here and we have recommended both YA and adult Greek myth retellings here before. Today we are honoured to have Annaliese Avery here to test our knowledge on Greek Gods.

This guest post is written by Annaliese Avery, author of The Immortal Games

Hi I’m Annaliese Avery, author of The Immortal Games, an epic fantasy adventure inspired by Greek mythology where every time there is an eclipse of the moon the gods of Olympus, plus Hades, get together to play The Immortal Games. One of the thirteen gods sets out an epic quest, the remaining gods then use the signs of the zodiac to choose a human teenager between thirteen and nineteen to play as their token in the games.

Sixteen-year-old Ara is eager to be chosen as a token of the gods and participate in the deadly trials of the game, just as her sister did five years before. Since Estella died in the games Ara has been training to make herself a worthy token to a god so that she can win and claim revenge on Zeus, the god who chose her sister. But when Ara is selected by Hades, the only god never to have won the Immortal Game It looks like her chances of revenge are as small as her chances of surviving.

Growing up I loved reading the Greek myths, the larger than life gods of Olympus always felt quite human to me, they felt their emotions keenly and their exploits and the stories around them were full of fantastical wonder. Working on The Immortal Games gave me an opportunity to reconnect with the Greek Gods and to reimagine what they might be like, but somethings about the gods and the myths surrounding always need to remain true, they are integral parts of who they are and in this quiz we shall explore those aspects.

The Immortal Games is out now. (Scholastic)
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