BTS SUGA announces D-DAY The Movie

Featuring special guests, aka his band members and more, D-DAY The Movie will hit the cinemas worldwide in April


BTS SUGA went on a solo tour last year before joining the military. It all started in the U.S., then he hit up a few countries in Asia and wrapped the tour with three encore concerts in Seoul. Surrounded by ARMYs and alongside some of his band members whom he shared the stage with while the others were cheering for him in the audience, SUGA or Agust D, his alter ego, delivered amazing and emotional performances. He played songs from his three solo mixtapes, throwing in a few made with and for BTS as well.

2023 was a busy year for all BTS members, but SUGA took it to a whole new level choosing to perform a 3-hour concert for BTS ARMY by himself. The expectations were high and the rapper definitely lived up to it by rapping, playing the guitar and piano and risking a little singing in the mix, proving that he is ready to join BTS’ vocal line for the next BTS album.

This movie will be a compilation of the three final concerts held in South Korea, where Jungkook, Jimin and RM performed solo songs for the whole audience after a duet with SUGA. Some other guests also made an appearance on these shows. In SUGA | Agust D Tour, the rapper shared the story of Yoongi, SUGA and Agust D, who he says are the same people who live different lives, feel different pain therefore see life in different lights.

SUGA | Agust D Tour D-DAY The Movie will join ARMYs in theaters and IMAX everywhere on April 10 and April 13 only. Sales will begin on Tuesday, March 12, you can check the closest theathers near you on the website The rapper fired up the stage for three nights in a row and now we get to watch it on a big screen.

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