Louis Tomlinson: the hero Glastonbury didn’t know it needed

The “Faith In The Future” singer set up a huge TV at Glastonbury Festival to screen England’s Euro 2024 match.


Always being the main character is a hard job, but someone has to do it and that someone is Louis Tomlinson: being at Glastonbury with his family and friends, not even to perform but just to enjoy the other artists’ performances, he managed to become the “hero” of the festival. And the festival wasn’t even his own, the amazing Away From Home Festival Louis created that takes place every year in a different place.

I mean, are we really surprised? And he doesn’t even have to try!

After the organizers announced they wouldn’t show England’s match against Slovakia, Tommo said “not on my watch!” – but on my TV – and decided to save the day not only for him and the people he was spending time with but for as many football fans as possible.

That’s why on Sunday morning, Tomlinson left the site and, as documented by his sister Lottie’s vlog, came back with a flatscreen TV – apparently two, cause the first one got broken, two buckets of stone, a generator, and all his iconicity.


Louis, being the humble boy that he is, originally intended to watch the game in the VIP backstage area but due to spotty reception he had to find another location near the Pyramid stage, where loads of people gathered with time to watch the tense match that luckily saw England win.

Come on, imagine if after all the effort not to miss the match, they’d all end up watching their country lose… LMAO!

Interviewed by The Guardian’, he revealed it was the second TV he bought: “The first got cracked. I wasn’t going to take credit for it because it looked like we were going to lose in normal time, but now that we’ve equalised I’m happy to.”

Interviewed by BBC’s Culture and Media Editor, Katie Razzal – who defined him as “the God of the festival” and I couldn’t agree more – he also said that “it was a little touch-and-go at times because the signal kept going in and out. Luckily, we got the win and we pulled it off.”

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear a retro England windbreaker and steal all the attention everywhere they go. As they should.

Louis and Lottie Tomlinson at Glastonbury
Louis and Lottie Tomlinson causing bi panic at Glastonbury Festival – Image source
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