Louis Tomlinson announces For Every Question Why

The Faith In The Future singer’s show in Mexico City on June 1st will be livestreamed on Veeps in support of War Child.


It’s not Christmas time, yet Louis Tomlinson seems to be in a very giving mood. Not long after releasing his live album, he now just announced “For Every Question Why”: a livestream of his show from Mexico City on June 1st!

To celebrate his two back-to-back world tours he’s been busy with over the past 3 years, our favourite Donny lad will allow all his loving Louies from all over the world to join him, even if they can’t be physically there, as he makes history – once again – becoming the first male solo artist to headline the home of the Mexican F1 Grand Prix, Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. That’s so hot, sir!

The broadcasted event will be directed by Sam Wrench, the Grammy-nominated and Emmy award-winning director who has worked, among others, on Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour film and Billie Eilish: Live at the O2. I mean…!

You can – and should, if you have the possibility – get your ticket here: it will include access to the livestream on Saturday June 1st from 8pm PDT / 9pm CST (Mexico), plus a special encore broadcast set to take place from 6pm BST / 7pm CET on Sunday June 2nd featuring exclusive behind the scenes footage (I’m sure we will cry over and fall in love with).

Also, just because our Tommo can NEVER disappoint us, a portion of every ticket sold as well as additional donations raised – because yes, you could even just donate and not purchase any ticket and I’m pretty sure Louis would appreciate it just as much – will benefit War Child UK.
Working with local communities and governments to protect, educate, and support children in war zones, War Child UK’s goal is to ensure a safe future for every child affected by war.

“This is the night for us to celebrate the world we’ve created. To every single person who’s been to a show or supported online, this show is for you! It’s going to be special!” were the words Louis chose to break the news. They do nothing but confirm how amazing and deep is the bond he has with his fans, how grateful he is for their constant love and loyalty, how much he appreciates them and how much he tries to involve them in every single possible way. He’s always said it’s teamwork when it comes to them, and he never fails to prove he does mean it.

“It’s going to be special!” he said and, okay, maybe he says that a lot but, let’s be honest, has it never not been special? Yeah, thought so!

Louis Tomlinson looking very good while winking
Louis Tomlinson looking very good while winking – Image source
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