P1Harmony owns the stage during their UTOP1A Tour in Chicago

P1Harmony loves Chicago — and Chicago loves them right back.


Chicago P1eces showed up to the venue ready to party on Monday night. Anticipation built up over the weekend after fans saw the members attending the Cubs game, and everyone was ready to give P1Harmony a warm welcome back to the Windy City.

The arena was full of pink outfits and accessories — as per the dress code set by the members. The air was buzzing with excited conversations and the sounds of people singing along to the group’s music playing over the speakers before the show started.

P1Harmony Chicago, IL May 20, 2024 by Paddy Murphy

Opening the show

When the members took the stage, they made it theirs. Standing at the top of the stairs surrounded by fog, looking down at the massive crowd, P1Harmony was greeted with the sound of an arena full of excited P1eces.

Jiung was unable to be part of the tour due to an injury, but the other five members gave 110% effort in his absence. He wasn’t excluded from the tour entirely, though; his vocals played over the speakers during his lines, and he made appearances in the VCR clips played throughout the show. Fans also got to hear a special message he recorded just for P1eces to let them know he would be back soon.

The setlist started off by showcasing P1Harmony’s latest album, with songs like “Street Star” and “Emergency” to get the energy of the crowd sky-high. During a brief break, the members spoke about their time at Wrigley Field the day before. Keeho sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” for the second time that week and talked about how nervous he was to sing it for the crowd at Wrigley. Theo, who threw the first pitch, showed everyone his pitching form (and the audience expressed their approval).

“You guys will cheer for anything,” joked Keeho.

P1Harmony Chicago, IL May 20, 2024 by Paddy Murphy

Solo performances

Each member was given their own solo performance to highlight their individual taste and strengths.

Theo played guitar and serenaded P1eces with a cover of Stephen Sanchez’s “Until I Found You,” looking out at the crowd fondly as the entire arena sang along. Next up was Intak, who captivated the audience with the choreography he created to Victoria Monet’s “On My Mama.”

The song choice for rapper Jongseob was A$AP Rocky’s “Praise The Lord,” and the crowd went wild for it. After that, Soul tore up the stage with his freestyle dance solo. The individual stages wrapped up with Keeho’s performance of SZA’s “Kill Bill,” complete with a sword and his custom Cubs jersey.

P1Harmony Chicago, IL May 20, 2024 by Paddy Murphy

Setlist choices and arena-sized surprises

Song choices for the setlist spanned across P1Harmony’s entire discography, with at least one track from every era. The crowd responded with overwhelming positivity to every single song, proving that P1Harmony knows their fans very well.

Upgrading to arenas also gave the group the opportunity to step up their performance in other ways. Confetti cannons fired off during different parts of the show, and at one point giant balloons bounced throughout the crowd. The members put quite a bit of thought into the details of the tour, and their efforts certainly didn’t go unappreciated. Fans everywhere reached out to catch confetti pieces for keepsakes, eager to keep a physical memento from the tour.

P1eces also got a chance to get up close and personal with the group during “Love Me For Me.” Some audience members got to briefly interact with the group when they walked through the aisles of the venue, getting the chance to say hello, take selfies with them, or give them gifts.

P1Harmony Chicago, IL May 20, 2024 by Paddy Murphy

Fan connection

P1Harmony promised to step up their performance with this arena tour, and they have absolutely fulfilled that promise. Their stage presence could be felt all throughout the venue, and the addition of confetti, balloons, and a dress code really brought the show together and made it a spectacle. It’s a tough job to keep a crowd on their feet and moving for the whole concert, but P1Harmony made it look easy.

Throughout the night, the members repeatedly expressed their love and appreciation for the city of Chicago and the fans here that have supported them every time they visit. P1eces responded by keeping the energy up from start to finish, dancing in their seats, and having fun along with the members on stage.

By the end of the encore, the members were adorned in gifts they’d received from their fans. One thing’s for sure, P1Harmony loves Chicago — and Chicago loves them right back.

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