Hope On The Street Vol.1: J-hope’s journey through music and dance

Exploring J-hope's hip hop roots, collaborations, and surprises: from fresh beats to nostalgic tributes, discover the evolution of J-hope's music and dancing


J-hope, all the way from the military, surprised BTS ARMY with a fresh album months before his discharge. Titled Hope On The Street Vol.1, it takes us back to his hip hop and dancing roots. The album includes five collaboration tracks and a solo version of his pre-enlisting release featuring rapper J Cole.

The main track “NEURON” is a collaboration with Gaeko and Yoon Mirae, both close friends of J-hope and talented rappers. The song’s throwback hip hop beats reminiscent of the 90s and early 2000s, it brings out a powerful vibe. Its lyrics tell a story of J-hope’s deep connection with hip hop, reflecting on his roots and experiences. “NEURON” pays tribute to the underground dance crew of the same name, a nostalgic nod to J-hope’s earlier days in his hometown of Gwangju.

“what if…(dance mix)” is a track lifted from J-hope’s 2022 album “Jack In The Box”. This rendition features a verse from JINBO the SuperFreak and a slight tweak in the melody, aligning it perfectly with the dance mix theme while keeping its rock essence and heavy rhymes.

Another track that stands out in the album is “I don’t know”, featuring Huh Yunjin of LE SSERAFIM. With a charming French verse adding flavor to the song, Yunjin’s strong vocals complement J-hope’s own, showcasing his beautiful vocals he’s known for. The infusion of pop house beats introduces yet another dimension to J-hope’s diverse musical background, demonstrating his versatility as a musician and a dancer.

So far, these tracks offer a diverse sonic experience, each bringing its own unique flavor to the album. “lock / unlock” is another song that adds to this mix of rhythms. It also lets us hear more of the rapper’s singing voice, which sounds really nice and pleasing to the ears.

“I wonder…” featuring his fellow BTS member and maknae, Jungkook, is a real hit. The lyrics feel like they’re speaking directly to BTS ARMY, and both singers sound fantastic together. They’ve sung together before, and fans always love how their voices match perfectly. It’s just a shame this song isn’t longer because it’s so catchy—you’ll find yourself hitting replay again and again.

“on the street” is a track we’re all familiar with, but this version doesn’t feature J Cole’s verse. Still, if you’re a fan, you’ll love it just as much. There’s a fresh verse added, and it’s so J-hope coded.

J-hope had another surprise in store for his ARMY besides the album. A new documentary showcasing the rapper’s journey with dance and the making of this album is now out on Prime Video. You can already catch the first episodes on the platform.

We’re thrilled to have so much content from him. We can’t wait until he comes back from the military to bless us with even more incredible music.

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