ARMY’s new fundraising initiative is supporting women in East Africa

Butter Lives With ARMY is adding to BTS's anniversary celebrations this month


BTS celebrates their 8th anniversary on the 13th and ARMY, who are always finding new ways to show their support to amazing causes all around the world, launched a campaign with WMI (Women’s Microfinance Initiative) to help financially support women from rural areas in East Africa.

One In An ARMY is responsible for creating and sharing several charitable projects in the name of BTS. The project was created by ARMY volunteers that believe that even the smallest contribution can make a difference in people’s lives. They partner with non-profit organizations that support different causes and start the fundraisings that ARMY from everywhere can donate to.

OIAA has organized and assisted over 40 fundraisings, their most famous one being the Match A Million in June last year, which raised and matched the one million dollars that BTS had donated to the Black Lives Matter in less than a day.

This month to add to BTS’s anniversary celebrations the campaign Butter Lives With ARMY is raising money to this incredible initiative that provides collateral-free loans and helps women with no access to banking services gaining business skills and growing their small business that create long-term income for them, which they can use for basic needs, education, healthcare or secure savings.

You can donate to Butter Lives With ARMY project here.

If you as impressed as us with the amazing work being done by ARMY and want to keep up with all the projects created by them don’t forget to follow OIAA on Twitter.

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