Camila Cabello returns with hyperpop lead single I LUV IT

Camila is exploring a new sound ahead of her upcoming album


Camila Cabello is back with new music and a brand-new sound. The singer released ‘I  LUV IT’ on Wednesday, the lead single from her upcoming album, rumoured to be titled C, XOXO, expected this summer.

The hyperpop track, featuring rapper Playboi Carti, sees Camila explore a new electronic sound, which many have compared to influential British artists in the genre, such as Charli XCX and Sophie.

The single marks Camila’s entrance into a new era, perhaps reflected by her dramatic blonde hair transformation back in February. “I LUV IT” is Camila’s first release since her album Familia came out in 2022.

“I think it is part of a kind of reinvention. I feel like so much of the album has a through line and there’s definitely more themes that the album touches,” Camila revealed in an interview with PUSS PUSS. “I feel like I needed to have a different physical appearance, something different to kind of help me channel that energy that I accessed in my songwriting voice more.”

The music video, directed by Nicolás Méndez, opens with a heartbroken Camila eating chocolate cake before a series of nightmare sequences including being chased by police dogs, getting into a car accident and fighting in a boxing match. It ends with Camila in a hospital waiting room due to being shot by Cupid’s arrow.

Listen to ‘I LUV IT’ here.

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