MONSTA X gear up for FANTASIA X mini-album release with a series of teasers

MONSTA X have been teasing their forthcoming mini-album FANTASIA X.


We’re getting closer to MONSTA X’s comeback with the mini-album FANTASIA X, set to be released on May 11, and the group have been sharing how they will shake the Korean and Global music scene with a series of video teasers, called “Chapter”, over the past few days.

In the latest teaser, Chapter 6 (called “FLOW” and dedicated to Minhyuk), we see the member climbing up the stairs and entering a room where there’s a clock covered in cobwebs. Minhyuk reaches to his neck to pull out a key he wears as a pendant to activate the clock, making time shift.

Previously, MONSTA X have revealed more “Chapter” trailers in the same monochromatic style, exposing more of the concept and the notion of time. In Chapter 5, “Beautiful Night” focuses on Kihyun, Chapter 4 “It Ain’t Over” centers on I.M, Chapter 3 featuring Joohoney is “Chaotic”, Chapter 2 “Gasoline” with Shownu, and Hyungwon starts in Chapter 1 “Zone”.

Watch all the teaser trailers below:

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