Perrie starts solo career with Forget About Us

Could this be the song of the summer?


Perrie is kicking off her solo career with the release of ‘Forget About Us’, the lead single from her upcoming debut album. Say hello to the UK’s official new main pop girlie.

Co-written with David Hodges, Ed Sheeran and Steve Solomon, ‘Forget About Us’ is an anthemic track with powerhouse vocals that feels best played driving in a car with the roof down in the wind.

The infectious track sees Perrie look back fondly on a past relationship, and reminisce about the good memories, while acknowledging that they’ve both moved on to better things.

“Relationships have been a huge part of my life, and they’ve made me who I am now. I think it’s a nice sentiment to be honest about, and it’s super relatable,” Perrie said in a statement.

In an interview with NME, Perrie revealed more about her new music:

“What I wanted to make sure of was that every song [from] a different genre had a sister or sibling on the album, so it’s not completely mismatched. It makes sense when you listen to it as a body of work. Expect it to include ‘Motowny’ moments, ‘guitar-led ballads’ and tracks with ‘Mariah Carey’ vibes”. 

The album features songs co-written with RAYE and Little Mix collaborator Jin Jin.

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