GOT7 unveil tracklist for upcoming EP GOT7

GOT7 are set to release their sixteenth EP on May 23


Updated May 13

GOT7 unveiled the tracklist for their upcoming EP, GOT7.

The EP consists of six tracks, the lead single ‘NANANA’, ‘Truth, ‘Drive Me To The Moon’, ‘TWO’, ‘Don’t Care About Me’ and ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’.

The title track ‘NANANA’ is co-written and co-composed by leader JAY B, with õffshore’s iHWAK and Royal Dive, and arranged by the latter. JAY B is also credited as writer and composer on ‘Truth’ and ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’. Youngjae is credited on ‘Drive Me To The Moon’ for the lyrics, composition, and arrangement, Yugyeom is credited as co-writer and co-composer on ‘TWO’, and Yugyeom is also credited with Jinyoung on ‘Don’t Care About Me’ – for writing and composition.

Warner Music Korea has shared that the lead single ‘NANANA’ is a bright and chill song that shows GOT7 colours, featuring pop sounds and guitar loops. The song wants to bring joy to the listeners and fans who have been waiting for a long time.

Ahead of the release of their EP, GOT7 will perform the new tracks for the first time during the “GOT7 HOMECOMING 2022 FanCon”, a two-days concert at SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Seoul on May 21 and 22. The event will also be streamed online on May 22.

GOT7’s much-awaited EP titled GOT7 will be released on May 23 (6 pm KST).

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“GOT7 IS OUR NAME” and GOT7 is the name of the group’s upcoming EP.

GOT7 officially confirmed that they are coming back with a new EP on May 23. On Monday, May 9, at midnight, the group released via their new social media channels the album cover of the new self-titled EP, GOT7.

The album cover (or temporary album cover) features the group’s new logo and the members’ names over a green background (the group’s official colour).

“This album is for everyone who has waited for us and for everyone who stands with us,” GOT7 stated. “This is a step toward a new start. This will be the album most like GOT7.”

GOT7 is set to be released on May 23 (via Warner Music Korea), and it marks the group’s first EP since the departure from JYPE in January 2021 and their first comeback since the release of the single ‘Encore’ in February 2021. GOT7’s last EP was Dye – released in April 2020 – followed by their emotional fourth studio album Breath Of Love: Last Piece – in November 2020.

GOT7 will hold the fancon “HOMECOMING with I GOT 7” on May 21 (offline) and May 22 (offline and online) at the Seoul SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium. Tickets will go on sale on Friday, May 13 at 5 pm KST.

Last week the group surprised fans with the launch of their new social media accounts, accompanied by a press release from Warner Music Korea confirming the news that GOT7 are expecting to release a new project in May.

In April, the Korean news media JoyNews24 broke the exclusive news that GOT7 were set to make their “full group” comeback in May with a “new album”, and the group were at its final stages of preparation.

GOT7 debuted in 2014 with the EP Got It? and if you look through Korean – and worldwide – music charts from 2014 to present you will see how GOT7 have been consistently producing quality music that is loved by fans globally, such as ‘Just Right’, ‘Hard Carry’, ‘PAGE’, ‘You Are’ and ‘You Calling My Name’. GOT7 are one of the first idol groups to ever hold the title “leading force of the global Korean wave”.

GOT7’s sixteenth EP GOT7 is set to be released on May 23.

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