GOT7 to reportedly make a comeback in May

“7 or never. 7 or nothing.”


Hold onto those Ahgabongs.

GOT7 are reportedly getting ready for their long-awaited comeback. According to the Korean news media JoyNews24, who broke the exclusive news on April 22, GOT7 are set to make their “full group” comeback in May with a “new album”, and the group is at its final stages of preparation, “GOT7 recently confirmed their comeback as a full group in May, and it’s in the final stages of preparation. It was also reported that the song is almost finished.”, unnamed music industry officials have revealed.

While fans are waiting for an official statement from GOT7, tweets from BamBam and Mark Tuan minutes after the news was released seem to be enough for confirmation and send the entire fandom into overdrive.

Fans trended the topic ‘GOT7’ worldwide on Twitter and in the Music section, amassing over 1 million tweets in just a few hours; the hashtags ‘GOT7Comeback’ and ‘GOT7StillAlive’ were also trending – and are still trending – in the Music section.

The news media also reports that solo activities for the seven members will be “suspended for the time being” to focus on GOT7’s upcoming activities. In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Mark teased about the group’s upcoming activities, saying, “The members gathered with great difficulty. I think we’re really doing this while thinking about our fans. We’re preparing for activities with the group’s style prioritised over our own respective styles. I can’t wait to perform in front of our fans.”.

This comeback will be GOT7’s second comeback after leaving JYPE as a group in January 2021 and the release of the digital single ‘ENCORE’ in February 2021. Since they departed from the agency, the seven members have signed with different agencies and record labels, founded their creative agencies and labels, and successfully focused on their solo careers in music and entertainment.

This May comeback marks a significant moment in GOT7’s eight-year career and the K-Pop scene. Other K-Pop groups and members who leave their agencies to be independent and focus on their solo endeavors tend to go on hiatus and rarely make a full group comeback or part ways; despite the seven members’ solo activities, over the past year, each of them has highlighted that the bond GOT7 have is still strong and reassured fans that they would find a way to come back as GOT7.

It also shows how flexible the members’ agencies and record labels are – and have been during 2021 – in allowing and supporting this comeback.

Meanwhile, BamBam has released a new single, ‘Wheels Up’ featuring MAYZIN, and Mark Tuan has released his fourth English single, ‘save me’.

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