On Our Radar: Kacy Hill, Liz Lokre, Morgan Saint and more

These up-and-coming artists are ideal for any mood you find yourself in.


To round out the month of September, we’ve curated a list of some of the best up-and-coming artists serving a heavy dose of easy-going and authentic pop jams. From the angelic Kacy Hill to classic-rock band Arlie, this group is diverse and ideal for any musical mood you’re in.


Kacy Hill – ‘Dinner’

Soft, soothing and nostalgic—all adjectives we’d use to describe Kacy Hill’s new single ‘Dinner.’ Hill’s dreamy vocals shine through on this track where she reminisces on a past love, longing for them to be by her side. Formerly a backup dancer for Kanye West‘s Yeezus tour, Hill later signed with West’s record label G.O.O.D Music, eventually releasing her debut album ‘Like A Woman.’ Hill stays true to her sound of upbeat, experimentalism—expanding the song into much more than a simple piano ballad.

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Ryn Weaver – ‘Reasons Not To Die’

Ryn Weaver has been flying under the radar the past few years after her debut LP ‘The Fool’ was an instant hit full of individuality and self-discovering synth-pop. While she teases endlessly about her music process through her social media, Weaver recently released a beautifully chaotic demo in honor of Neon Gold Records 10th anniversary titled ‘Reasons Not To Die,’ making us realize how much we missed the singer’s strangely unique style.

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LÉON – ‘Baby Don’t Talk’

We’ve been patiently waiting for new tunes from Swedish singer LÉON and ‘Baby Don’t Talk’ doesn’t disappoint. With her booming start with her slightly groovy breakout track ‘Tired of Talking,’ she undoubtedly stays afloat with her latest record—it’s boisterous and addictive. Used to waxing poetic about broken hearts, LÉON was excited to change it up a bit: “It’s a fun song about getting a little closer. I tend to write a lot about heartache so this was a breath of fresh air for me, and I hope people will like it as much as I do.”

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Litany – ‘Call On Me’

This next big techno-synth-alternative-pop duo should be the latest addition to your playlists. Litany, consisting of Beth Cornell and Jake Nicolaides, first met at 13-years-old during a Battle of the Bands competition and remained friends through their passion for music. The Yorkshire natives have established a sound very much their own—Cornell leading the way with her mellow vocals and Nicolaides smoothly offering up his producing skills. After releasing their debut EP ‘4 Track’ in 2017, they’ve gradually been rising as emerging young talent that should be recognized. ‘Call On Me’ is snazzy in its own way, showing off the pair’s promising innovation as creative musicians.

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LIZ LOKRE – Stop Runnin’

Need a classic, emotional ballad to calm your mind for the upcoming winter months? LIZ LOKRE delivers the perfect balance of soulful and passion in her newest single ‘Stop Runnin.’ The Canadian-born singer wears her heart on her sleeve with a track that urges you to face your fears even if it means baring your vulnerabilities. It’s a hopeful sneak peek into what could possibly be in store for the songstress—she’s currently working with producer and guitarist Adrien X (Drake, The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR) on her debut album which is expected to be released in 2019.  Whatever’s next for LOKRE, we’re waiting with bated breath—it’s sure to be a certified pop hit.

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Yumi Zouma – ‘Crush (It’s Late, Just Stay)’

We’ve been long-running fans of New Zealand group Yumi Zouma. They’re unique, nostalgic and sprinkle a bit of classic rock—you have the perfect mix for an ideal indie-pop band. Following the release of their second LP ‘Willowbank,’ it’s safe to say we expected a dreamy, synthetic vibe that overtook the majority of their previous music. But ‘Crush (It’s Late, Just Stay)’ takes on a mind of its own, sealing the deal with an upbeat, harmonious vibe and incorporating a lighter tone with bigger beats that we’re definitely digging.

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Morgan Saint – ‘On Fire’

Morgan Saint very well might be the next big popstar to top the charts, we’re just slowly watching her rise. Her first EP ’17 Hero’ gave us a tiny taste of a bubbly pop sound that many favored. With tracks like ‘Just Friends’ and ‘YOU,’ Saint was the model combination of Lorde, Halsey and Banks. Now with ‘On Fire,’ the singer is taking a slightly different approach. A bit darker than her previous records, the single explores a larger span of what experimental pop music sounds like. Saint’s second EP ‘Alien‘ is due to be released October 5.

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Rynn – ‘Tokyo’

Songs about self-discovery are our favorite kinds—Rynn gives us that and more. ‘Tokyo’ is a synth-dream hit where the singer reminisces on her time spent in Tokyo, an experience she describes as cathartic but also draining. “I knew that I needed to write about what I experienced in Tokyo a few summers before. That was the darkest phase of my life but also a huge turning point for me,” says Rynn. “I hadn’t really talked to anyone much about what I experienced during that month away. But also looking back, that time in Tokyo was one of the most beautiful experiences in life. It is where I learned so much about myself and inwardly dealt with a lot of things I had buried for so long.” Overall, the soul-baring and authenticity of the song has left us wanting more from this fresh vocal talent.

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Arlie – ‘big fat mouth’

Vampire Weekend, Foster the People and COIN all in one? That’s who Nashville indie-rock band Arlie reminds us of but in the most unique way possible. They’ve cultivated their own sound in a short amount of time and garnered a very faithful following. Consisting of Nathaniel Banks, Carson Lystad, Jason Antwi and Adam Lochemes, the group stay true to beats that leave a groovy, 60s rock vibe pulsing through our veins. ‘big fat mouth’ is fresh off their EP ‘Wait’ released just this year—a signature style easily cemented among avid listeners.

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Saint Slumber – ‘I THINK I LIKE YOU’

Saint Slumber have concocted an exceptional sound with ‘I THINK I LIKE YOU.’ The lyrics describing the uncertainty of wanting someone you really shouldn’t. From Philadelphia all the way to New York City, the quartet formed to create potentially the next popular alternative-pop band. With electronic beats and sweet vocals, they’ve delivered a powerful continuation with their brand new EP ‘YOUTH//2.’ The group is just beginning what seems to be a running start into the alternative-pop music scene.

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Nightly – ‘S.T.A.Y.’

Nightly made their debut in 2016 with a favorable EP ironically titled ‘Honest.’ It’s the ideal word to catalogue what the pop duo is all about. Members Johnathan Capeci and Joey Beretta signed to Interscope Records, releasing music that’s true to their style saying, “We believe in the people. They’re passionate about music and it’s not like other labels that are systematic and process-driven.” With ‘S.T.A.Y.’ the pair delve into a hazy, dream-like synth-pop universe, offering us a sliver of goodness that we can’t wait to hear more of.

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