Olivia Rodrigo spills her GUTS with new deluxe album

GUTS (spilled) is here with five new tracks


Following the release of her sophomore album GUTS in September, Olivia Rodrigo is giving us more new music with the deluxe edition GUTS (spilled)

The deluxe edition features five brand tracks, four of which were included as ‘secret tracks’ on various vinyl editions of the album but were never officially released.

The first new track is ‘obsessed. ‘ This song has already become a fan favourite due to Olivia performing it on her tour, which is currently making its way across North America before heading to Europe. The high-energy pop/rock song sees Olivia sing about being jealous of someone’s ex-girlfriend and is accompanied by a music video where she debuts a new hairstyle with choppy micro-bangs.

While ‘obsessed’ fits perfectly with the vibe of GUTS, elsewhere it’s easy to see why certain, more incongruous, songs were left off the album. ‘girl I’ve always been’ and ‘stranger’ sound more acoustic and lean into a folksy vibe, proving Olivia’s versatility across music genres.

‘scared of my guitar’ is a ballad about falling out of love with someone. It’s raw and emotional, with Olivia’s vocals taking centre stage. It feels more SOUR than GUTS, and is a reminder of Olivia’s ability to use her music to tell a story.

The final song is ‘so american’, the only track to have never been heard before. The song was written following the release of GUTS and is perhaps illustrative of where Olivia is in her life presently. It can be interpreted as Olivia’s first actual love song, with lyrics like “Oh god I’m gonna marry him, if he keeps this shit up / I might just be in la la la la la la la la la la love.”

Listen to Olivia Rodrigo’s deluxe album GUTS (spilled) here.

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