What your favorite One Direction album says about you

Your favorite One Direction album says a lot about you and your music taste.


Up All Night

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You are definitely an OG. Chances are you heard about One Direction during X Factor or in 2012 and knew all their songs before your friends even knew who One Direction was. To this day, you still support all five members of the band because of your loyal personality. You listen to both sides of the story and would rather educate someone and offer forgiveness than stop speaking to them. You most likely are stuck in the past and have problems letting go of the past or your childhood. Most of your friends describe you as someone who is young at heart. You want to be young forever and live life to the fullest.

Take Me Home

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2013 is when you started listening to One Direction. “Over Again” is definitely your favorite One Direction song, it’s why this album is your favorite. Any mood or time of day, this album is on repeat and blasting during your car rides. Your favorite One Direction members are Louis and Niall and you consider them the best friendship out of the band. You love all the moments the two had together and always watch “Best Nouis Moments” on YouTube. No matter how many times you watch This is Us, you get overly emotional and miss all the fun times you had with this era of the band. It’s no doubt you’re considered a softie and hopeless romantic by all your close friends and family.

Midnight Memories

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You grew up with parents who played 80s rock and roll. Lilo is definitely your favorite friendship from the band, and “Right Now” is one of your favorite One Direction songs. You are someone who values songwriting and you are down for anything spontaneous or adventurous. Do your friends want to go on a spur of the moment trip? You’re the first one to say yes and plan the entire trip since you live in the moment. Most of your decisions are acted upon impulse. You’re also the glue to your friend group and the peacemaker when your friends argue.


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You probably listen to indie music now and don’t listen to the boys much anymore. You probably are going through a life change or were when this album became your favorite. It’s impossible for you to forgive Zayn for leaving the band and still have a grudge towards him. You hate being alone but love being around people because you’re an introverted extrovert. When you have alone time, you feel refreshed. You have a small group of close friends you love going on long car rides and laying out at night looking at the stars with. You love artsy coffee shops and record shops and could spend hours at one. You appreciate art and poetry.

Made In The A.M.

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When you listened to Made In the A.M. for the first time, you never thought your favorite album by the boys would change, but after you heard this final album, you knew it was your favorite. You’re the last of the elite in the fandom, and it’s no surprise you’re angry they didn’t tour this album. Reunion tour where you at? You probably listened to 70s folk and country-influenced music growing up. You’re a sentimental person who surrounds yourself with loyal, positive people because friendship is valuable to you. You’re not easily influenced by others and you have concrete beliefs.

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