Lauv’s Without You EP is an examination of a relationship through a pop lens

The four-track quarantine EP is a somber and nostalgic reflection on a relationship once had.


Artists are adapting to the changes imposed by isolation and quarantine like the rest of us, some reveling in their creativity and some releasing projects earlier than intended.

Lauv is one of the former. His debut album Modern Loneliness came out earlier this year in February, and now his new ep Without You is a four-song reflection on a relationship once had. True to his previous work, Lauv’s gentle voice, emotional lyrics, and upbeat melody are all present in his new songs.

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The EP opener “Dishes” captures the quiet moments many of us have during quarantine, where we think about something we’d rather not. In the lyrics, Lauv almost seems at war with himself as he reminisces a previous relationship by singing, “But it feels so weird without you / I wonder if the stars aligned if it would still be you and me.”

“Mine (You Can’t Find Love in Mollywood)” takes an edgier stance on the reflection, claiming, “You played me like your favorite song.” It’s the only explicit track on the album. What makes it so catchy is the almost dreamy tune, accompanied by Lauv’s soft voice, which gains a harder edge as the song continues.

“Miss Me” takes a step backward and is an honest account of trying to reconcile the situation while also finding closure. “Love Somebody,” the EP closer, owns up to a pain that Lauv himself may have caused, “Every time I think I love somebody / always find a way to throw it all away.”

Without You fits perfectly into Lauv’s current discography, an emotive and reflective examination of a relationship through a pop lens. The four songs are a quick listen, but just as catchy as any of his other songs, and more than guaranteed to make the perfect backtrack to getting work done at home.

You can listen to Without You here.


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