Everything we know about the third After movie

'After We Fell' is coming some time this year, and the teaser left us wanting more of it.


Afternators had some trouble breathing after a teaser for the movie sequel dropped on Valentine’s Day. Hotter than ever After We Fell teases some of the hottest scenes right out of the books.

The franchise went through a lot of changes since the first movie, which presented Tessa and Hardin’s story in a mellow way, lacking some important pieces from the book and — most importantly — Hardin’s bad attitude that plays a big part in the character’s development.

In the sequel, After We Collided, we had the chance to see Hardin’s rough persona a little better. It also provided a deeper look into Hessa’s relationship — two young people desperately in love with each other making a lot of mistakes while trying to make it work.

The second movie introduced a few new characters that play important roles in Hessa’s story: Vance, Kimberly, Smith, Trevor, Hardin’s mom Trish, and, to leave a very open ending to the movie, Tessa’s father.

In After We Fell, we expect most of these characters back. Dylan Sprouse already said goodbye to Trevor, so it’s better not to get attached in After We Collided. Charlie Weber and Candice Accola had to say their goodbyes as well; Vance and Kimberly will be played by different actors in the sequel. Some other characters will go through the same fate, so expect a lot of changes in the cast — but hopefully not in the story.

If you read the books and watched the movie teaser, you might be excited about seeing so many important pieces of the book present in it. The trip to the lake, Hessa in London, and a whole bunch of hot scenes that fans have been constantly asking to see on the big screen. So get ready for the hot tub, the club, and the gym scenes!

Rumor has it that After We Fell will be out in August 2021, but that is really just a rumor. All we know for sure is how excited we are to see another piece of Tessa and Hardin’s story unfold in front of our eyes.

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