The After series might be getting a new addition

Anna Todd teased fans on Twitter about the new book.


After is a seven-year-old story first published on Wattpad, and its huge online success turned the fan fiction into a book series. So far, two books were turned into movies and there’s two more on the making.

The production of the third and fourth movies has already started, leaving fans surprised as the pictures of the cast filming in Bulgaria spread all over the internet. Rumors about changes in the cast and the starting of the production were cleared yesterday by the movie official account.

The second movie from the After franchise is already out in a few countries since last month, and — even under the pressure of being released while we face the restrictions of the pandemic — After We Collided attracted a lot of people to the theaters.

US fans have a few more weeks to go until they can finally watch the movie in theaters or on demand. Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Dylan Sprouse left a special message announcing that the long wait will be over on October 23rd.

If you haven’t read all the books yet we advise you to stop reading here, there might be spoilers!

If we think that the movies will be the last piece in After history and we’ll no longer have Tessa and Hardin in our lives, we might be terribly wrong.

On Twitter, a fan mentioned the book’s author, asking her to write another book about the missing story in After Ever Happy. (In the book, there’s a time skip and a quick explanation of what happened after Tessa read Hardin’s book, but there’s little to nothing about the many years they spent apart, building themselves until they finally met again and then started living the rest of their love story.)


Anna teased about sharing the title of the book, and now After fans are excited to get a new addition to the series (hopefully similar to Before, the series prequel). Besides Tessa and Hardin, other characters had a piece of their story told in Before, and many readers were happy to get a glimpse of all of them.

We picked a few characters we would love to read more about:

  • Zed

His chapter in Before is not focused on his past but more on his life after Hessa left the college in Washington. He meets a girl who resembles Tessa at a frat party, and even their names are similar. It would be nice to see if after being caught in Hessa’s messy relationship Zed finally had a happy ending.

  • Vance

Before shows a little bit of his past, especially the role he plays in Hardin’s childhood, but I think we can all agree that getting to know the relationship he rebuilt with Hardin after the big secret was out would be amazing.

  • Molly

Her tragic past in her hometown was unexpected, and it allowed the readers to see a different side of her. We would like to see if Molly ever went back home to make amends with her past. Petition for Anna to add a whole chapter dedicated to Molly!

  • Trish

If there’s a character that deserves a happy ending as much as Hessa, Trish is definitely the one. Hardin’s mom is a strong and kind woman despite all the traumas and heartaches. All we want is for her to be fully happy and maybe a quick look at her as a grandma!

  • Carol

The only question we have for Tessa’s mom is if she ever tried to save the relationship with her daughter. We hope she learned to like — or at least accept — Hardin so she could be in their life.

Last but not least, we want all we can get on Hessa!

Anna better hurry because we’re getting anxious by the minute.

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