The cast of After share messages of support

The actors spared some time to send the movie's fan base lovely messages to help them go through this difficult moment


During times like these, we find ourselves leaning on people we like and admire.
Knowing how hard isolation can be on people — and on the movie’s fans, who have been anxiously waiting for the sequel — the After cast showed their love and support through messages on their social media.

In case you need some words of comfort or just something to take your mind of this long-lasting isolation period, here’s what the cast has to say:

Rob Estes – Ken Scott

Charlie Weber – Christian Vance

Shane Paul Mcghie – Landon Gibson

Dylan Sprouse – Trevor Matthews

Khadijha Red Thunder – Stephanie Jones

Samuel Larsen – Zed Evans


Things do feel a little lighter after watching these messages, right?

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  1. Malu says

    Amo um cast

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