Fans celebrate May the Fourth in true Star Wars fashion

From devoted tweets to amazing fan art, these fans are showing their for the Star Wars universe.


A Star Wars fan’s passion is often measured by the number of times they’ve seen each movie, the amount of merchandise they have, whether or not they name their pets after Darth Vader — the list goes on. But no matter what kind of fan you are, May the Fourth is a day to celebrate.

This past year, the legendary Skywalker saga came to an end. New and old characters saw a conclusion to their story. For some, it caused controversy, catapulting us back to the tumultuous reactions of the final season of Game of Thrones. Whether it was generally liked or not, the over 40-year franchise has still delivered many wonderful moments, including a unifying love for the universe’s iconic characters like General Leia Organa and new heroine Rey.

Some fans have even made fan art, proving their unwavering love with mind-blowing talent.


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