8 of BTS’s best dance practice videos

Over the years, BTS has been delivering great performances, so here is how it goes before performing them on stage.


BTS is known for delivering amazing performances in concerts and on TV shows, so it’s no surprise that the group spends a lot of time practicing their choreographies before performing in front of an excited audience.

BTS never fails to amaze their fans with extremely detailed routines, dance moves that are no joke, and mindblowing synchronization. If you look for their dance practices on YouTube, you’ll be able to find videos from the very beginning of their career — and you’ll be able to tell how talented they have been since the very start.

The seven-piece group can be very serious artists performing in front of a camera or a bunch of silly guys having fun, wearing costumes, and creating chaos during these recordings. Here are some of the best dance practice videos, in my opinion, for you to be amazed by their talent or to laugh at their silliness:

Fake Love

This is the song that helped BTS become the worldwide sensation they are today, watching the video, you can tell why. The choreography is very theatrical and speaks to the lyrics as it goes.

Silver Spoon

What I like the most about this video is how much fun they have while dancing — I can’t help but laugh and try to dance along with them! They never miss a beat, even jumping around on each other’s backs (and they even got a little ‘Hotline Bling’ going on there).

Boy With Love

This is one of my favorite videos because they look amazing — their outfits are definitely something I would wear. Rhe choreography is great (also not so difficult to learn if you want to give it a go) and the all-white background just gives a special touch to the whole video.

21st Century Girl

If you want to watch pure chaos in the form of cuteness, you need to watch this video. BTS wearing costumes for Halloween, dancing, and being distracted by their own props and even tripping over each other is just pure comedy.


BTS started this year off with this single and brought on one of the most amazing visual performances ever. The dance practice itself is huge, with the dancers and the marching band. The member’s dance skills are on point, and every detail was so well thought out. Back in February, when I watched this performance for the first time, I didn’t even know BTS that well, and I was impressed with their outstanding performance for this song.


Snow White has never looked so beautiful. Another Halloween dance practice video resulting in one pretty princess and six cute dwarfs.


Can we talk about the footwork and the chain of movements with their hands linked? Also, how satisfying is the ending with them dancing all lined up so neatly?

Black Swan

The second single off of Map Of The Soul: 7 is the epitome of synchronization. Fans were really excited to see them performing it on stage during their stadium tour, however, the tour has been canceled due to the pandemic. But there are a few TV performances of Black Swan that you can enjoy. The one at The Late Late Show with James Corden is just breathtaking to watch, with the whole scenario and BTS wearing all black.

You can find more videos of their dance practices on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel.

Let us know your favorite BTS’s routines and tell us if you have already learnt any of them!

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