Emmy Meli talks her new single Silence

Emmy Meli broke out onto the music scene in 2021, going viral in 2022, and now she’s back to discuss her brand new single.


Emmy Meli is a brilliantly talented rising star. Breaking into the industry in 2021, it wasn’t long before Emmy went viral on TikTok for her smash hit ‘I AM WOMAN’ in 2022. At the beginning of this month, Emmy released her latest single ‘Silence’.

‘Silence’ has been described as a nod to those who struggle to quiet their thoughts. Emmy’s soulful vocals are perfect accompanying the song’s moving lyrics, all about the struggles people with anxiety face. It is a fantastic song that certainly wouldn’t be out of place on your new pop playlist.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Emmy to discuss her new single and what she has coming up for the rest of the year… including the release of her debut EP!

Hi, Emmy, congrats on your new single release! ‘Silence’ was released on 5th April, how long have you been sitting on the song for?

Thank you so much! I’ve actually been sitting on the song for about two years now, it’s been a long time coming.

What’s the inspiration behind ‘Silence’?

Honestly, the inspiration was my struggle with my mental health journey and working through my debilitating anxiety. Navigating exhaustion and burnout was a big factor as well, as I think we live in a very productivity forward society which is great in many aspects in terms of worth ethic but teaches us nothing about balance and mind body soul connection.

How would you describe ‘Silence’ in just three words?

Loud, silent, and meaningful.

Alongside ‘Silence’, you also announced that your debut EP ‘Hello Stranger’ will be coming out on 10th May. This is so exciting! Are you looking forward to releasing your EP?
I have never been more excited, as I have been sitting on the EP equally as long as Silence. It’s literally my baby and I’m finally giving birth hahaha; but in all seriousness it is representative of such an important and transformative time in my life, with so many important messages that people need to hear.

Another one of your brilliant songs, ‘I AM WOMAN’, went viral on TikTok back in 2022. Did you expect this? How did you feel when you knew it was blowing up?
Honestly, I knew it was coming, I got a tingling in my bones and felt it happening before it happened somehow. I also genuinely manifested it and brought it into fruition with my mind. I felt a sense of surrealistic relief if that makes sense.

V Magazine said you are “reminiscent of Amy Winehouse” and I completely agree with this. How does it feel being compared to such iconic artists such as Amy?
I can’t begin to explain how high of a compliment that is. She’s one of my favorite artists of all time, and while I’m not at all trying to be her (and never could be), to even be placed in the same category is such a full circle moment for me. If my music could do for people what her’s did for me, I’ve truly made it.

Finally, as well as your EP coming in a few weeks, what else can your fans expect from you this year?
I would say they can expect the unexpected… wink wink. Plus a lot more live performances!

‘Silence’ is out now and you can view the official visualiser for the song down below. Emmy’s debut EP ‘Hello Stranger’ is available on 10th May, you can pre-save it now.

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