Catch The Young discuss second mini album Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey

In an exclusive interview with us, Catch The Young chat about their second mini album, their childhood and their fans!


It’s been nearly a month since the South-Korean alternative rock band Catch The Young released their second mini album Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey. Members Kihoon, Namhyun, Junyong, Jungmo and Sani are going more in depth with us about their new mini album, their childhood and musical influences, including a special message for their Catchers!

Credit: Evermore Entertainment
Credit: Evermore Entertainment

Congratulations on the release of your second mini album! How do you guys feel now your second mini album is out?

Sani: I’m really excited because I think we can show an even more improved side of us compared to our first album. We’ve prepared a lot and put in a lot of effort to show more of us, so I hope you’re looking forward to it.

Kihoon: I feel proud to be able to present a different mood and music from our first album to many people, but I also feel some pressure to improve further and show an even better side of myself.

Namhyun: This album was made with a lot of care while thinking “How would it be if we performed these songs?” and “How should we perform so that the audience would enjoy it?”. Thus, I’m very excited, but at the same time, I’m curious about what kind of reaction we’ll get.

Junyong: First of all, as it’s our first ‘comeback’, it feels exciting and thrilling! On the other hand, as it’s a sequel to our first album but with a different charm, there’s pressure to do better than we did in our first album.

Jungmo: During our first album, I was worried if we could do well because it was our debut album. But while preparing for our second album comeback, I felt more excitement about what experiences we could have during our promotions.

I do think the mini album is great! Further on, your band is called ‘Catch The Young’ and the album is partly based about childhood dreams. Which dreams are those?

Jungmo:This album deals with the topic of an ‘odyssey’, or the difficulties and experiences encountered in life’s journey, as well as various emotions. The fifth track, “About Us”, talks about reuniting with our long-forgotten dreams as we mature, suggesting that the ‘dream’ in this song is someone’s cherished memories and emotions.

Namhyun: Related to this topic, I want to talk about the first track of this album, “Sentimental Journey.” This track portrays how youth move forward along with their childhood dreams. Ultimately, I think childhood dreams are the driving force we need to move forward.

Sani: Through various tracks, the ‘dream’ we talk about is ultimately ‘the direction to move forward.’ Above all, we wanted to convey the message that our own thoughts are not wrong and encourage more confidence and certainty in pursuing your childhood dreams or current goals.

In which ways is your second album Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey connected to your debut album Catch The Young : Fragments of Youth?

Junyong: As you can tell from the album title, the second album Catch The Young: Fragments of Odyssey is another chapter of the story of youth that Catch The Young tells, continuing from the first album Catch The Young: Fragments of Youth!

Sani: While the keywords of the first album were youth and energy, the second album focuses on journeys and adventures. I would like to emphasize our focus on showcasing continued growth and progress following the energy and youthfulness of our debut album.

Your single ‘Voyager’ is about living harmoniously together. How do you guys keep up with each other? How do you make your bond as a band stronger?

Namhyun: I believe it’s essential to share the same mindset and go towards a common goal. To enhance our teamwork, we consistently hold regular group rehearsals on top of our individual practice sessions.

Jungmo: Coming from diverse backgrounds and musical influences, we strive to understand and respect each other’s values and artistic expressions. We’re continuously striving to enhance teamwork by consolidating our diverse ideas and maintaining ongoing communication.

Junyong:On a slightly different note, as the youngest member, I try to embrace older members’ opinions and maintain a smooth relationship by occasionally, or sometimes frequently, joking around. I believe such comfortable dynamics lead to us sounding better and having better teamwork.

Credit: Evermore Entertainment
Credit: Evermore Entertainment

I really love that. Also, speaking of bonds… “Light On Me (1101)” is your first fan song. Can you talk about the process of writing a song specifically for your fans, and what message do you want them to take away from it?

Kihoon: Actually, this song was produced long before our debut. One day, after practice, I looked up at the night sky and saw the moon shining brightly. That’s where I drew inspiration for the song. We hope that when fans watch us perform, they feel comforted by the message, “There’s someone like light next to you” as that is the message we wish to receive from fans.

Sani: As much as our fans cherish us, we also want to express our gratitude and how much they mean to us through this song. The line “Please be my light” from the song might seem a bit demanding in a way, but I think it stems from our trust and reliance on our fans.

Where do you get your inspirations from when making an album then?

Sani: Usually, we produce based on theory. While approaching from an emotional aspect is necessary, a significant portion of completing a song relies on technical skills. I usually jot down melodies and chords that pop into my head as basic demos, then work on refining them to finalize the song.

Kihoon: As you may have noticed in the process of creating the song “Light On Me (1101),” I tend to write songs based on the wind, weather, and my emotions of the day.

Namhyun: For vocals, I mainly prepare for recording by imagining that I’m having conversations with someone, recalling memorable movie scenes, or reflecting on life experiences. I get ready for song recordings by practicing repeatedly and doing image training using those imaginary scenarios as a base!

Do you also get inspiration from each other whilst making a song?

Sani: Since each of us plays different instruments, we sometimes find inspiration in unexpected places. That’s why, depending on the need, we sometimes delegate recording tasks to each other.

Kihoon: If Sani hits a creative block while writing a song, I often listen to his work and continue writing with the same mood or theme, collaborating on the song together.

Jungmo: We draw inspiration from each member’s unique thoughts, emotions, and musical artistry. Above all, when we play together, we influence each other greatly.

Credit: Evermore Entertainment
Credit: Evermore Entertainment

So sweet! I was also wondering, how do you guys stay close to your inner child?

Sani: It seems like my music taste, gaming preferences, and favorite foods from childhood haven’t changed much. When I look back on the happiest and most enjoyable moments, I feel like I’m still living life like a child, treasuring experiences I’d happily relive in an instant.

Kihoon: For me, I find pleasure in engaging in outdoor activities and enjoying the weather and atmosphere. Lately, I’ve fallen deeply into hiking.

Namhyun: Honestly, I believe I’ve preserved the mindset of my childhood and continue to live with it. While maintaining my inner child, I’ve also had more experiences and broadened my perspectives. Having grown up in the countryside, I frequently think back to my days of playing outdoors in nature, and those memories and behaviors still come to me instinctively today.

Of course, I’m still young ☺ But if I want to reminisce about those times of running around without a worry, I meet up with old friends. Also, I enjoy watching the animation , which I’ve loved since childhood.

Jungmo: I’d like to call myself a child ‘who doesn’t fit in the frame’ in response to this question. When I was young, my father once told me about his experience of venturing alone to a remote village at the southern end of Korea as a grade-schooler, just because he wanted to have various experiences and challenges. Inspired by his story, I secretly took a train ride to the same village from his story in Haenam without telling my parents when I was in elementary school, only to get caught and scolded by them later. But from the experience and emotions I felt then, I’ve been striving to maintain a daring spirit ever since.

We are speaking about the past now but what do you hope to achieve in the future?
Sani: As a team, Catch The Young’s goal is to be a pioneer in making band music mainstream in the global music market. We want everyone to like bands, and Catch The Young aims to play a major part in advancing band culture’s growth.

Namhyun: Personally, my goal is to perform on stage in front of over 30,000 people. I hope that those who listen to my songs feel comfort and can relate to them, and I also want to feel pride, accomplishment, and comfort while witnessing that.

Jungmo: During my art college entrance exam, I remember feeling determined after seeing a website listing legendary drummers from around the world—but there was no Korean drummer named there! Thus, my personal goal is to become the first Korean drummer listed as a legend on that site!

Credit: Evermore Entertainment
Credit: Evermore Entertainment

Do you have a personal message to your fans?

Sani: There is a long list of people whom I thank. It’s only our second album, and there are still so many days ahead and more memories to make. Please continue to support us in the future.

Kihoon: Catchers! It’s already our second album, and I’m incredibly grateful and love you all so much! Please continue to support and love us in the future too. I’ll strive to work even harder!

Namhyun: Thank you so much for liking us. I’ll continue to work hard to present myself in a cool and mature manner so that you would feel proud supporting us. Thank you!

Junyong: Thanks to your love, we were able to release our second album smoothly! Please continue to show lots of love for both our second album and our future activities! Thank you!

Jungmo: Please continue to support, love, cheer for, wish us happiness, stay with, empathize with, create many memories together, and remember Catch The Young! Thank you!

We want to thank Catch The Young so much for their time. It was a pleasure to get to know them better as a band and individually. Their second mini album Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey is out now and available to stream here:

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