Premiere: YIORGOS’ soulful video for his debut single What We Do

Stay on the lookout for the Boston native taking the music scene by storm with his lustful tune.


With winter finally coming to an end, summer is beginning to sizzle and hot new music is right around the corner. We’re always looking for exciting, energetic bops to spice up our playlists and the addition of YIORGOS is just what we needed.

Learning how to play the guitar and piano at a young age, the 21-year-old Boston-Greece native seemed to always have a passion for music—admiring his father’s knack for performing. Later as a student at the University of Maryland, YIORGOS became heavily involved with the music scene on campus where he developed many musical quirks to become the singer he is now.

Stepping out into the trap-pop scene with influences that are very reminiscent of popstar Justin Timberlake, YIORGOS is making a name for himself with his debut single ‘What We Do.’ Showing off his unique vocal range and taste for R&B-esque beats—it makes us curious what else could possibly be up his sleeve when it comes to his future musically.

Directed by Luke Masella, the music video helps visualize the sultry tune with a striking look—lustful longing and shadowy light. “I didn’t make this song with a particular girl in mind but anyone who’s ever been in love (or in lust) can relate to its meaning,” says YIORGOS.

More in tune than most artists his age, YIORGOS is becoming a star we’re keeping a close eye on. Creating a distinct sound that’s all his own, the musician has given us something to remember—an addicting jam delivering a soul-crushing beat that will leave you wanting more.

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‘What We Do’ is available to download and stream now.

Featured image source: YouTube

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