Harry Styles serenades in bed for Late Night Talking

It's a slumber party but in the middle of traffic, in an art gallery, and more.


Does anyone else remember the many pictures and videos of Harry Styles filming a music video wearing a polka dot pajama set as he sat in a moving bed in the middle of traffic outside Buckingham Palace?

Well, we now have our answer because the singer has just released the second music video off of his third studio album, Harry’s House, for his upbeat song “Late Night Talking.”

Radiating such typical cool and cozy vibes, the music video has Harry singing along in different beds as he accompanies many different people in places like an art gallery, the middle of traffic, a theater, and even up in the clouds.

It was earlier this week that fans were teased with the announcement of a new music video, with a small snippet that included a smiling Harry in bed and soft whistling to the song’s melody playing in the background. But with it now here, in all of its cozy and chill vibes, there’s no doubt that this video has easily become a favorite.

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