Harry Styles announces new album Harry’s House

Harry's House, Harry Styles' third studio album drops May 20th.


2022 is proving to be the year with the most highly anticipated albums. This just in, Harry Styles announced his third studio album release date. Harry’s House will be out (and on repeat) on May 20th!
Harry Styles album cover, Harrys House. Harry stands to the far right side of the picture looking pensive. The room is flipped upside down excpet for Harry. There is a brown couch, 1 chair, a side table with a lamp and a ceiling light fixture.
With a simple tweet, he turned everyone’s Wednesday around.

Accompanied with the announcement was a short promo video for the album. It was, of course, in typical Harry fashion, beautiful but painfully cryptic.

A dreamy collage of screaming fans, flowers, bustling busy streets, flashing lights, culminating in a shot of Harry entering an empty theater stage. Smirking directly at the camera, he stands in the middle, where a yellow house facade is lifted, as smoke billows behind the structure and slowly pans away. Mysterious, aesthetically gorgeous, effortlessly cool, and calming.
Black and white photo of Harry Styles sitting on a large blow up balloon, he is looking up to the left.

Let the countdown begin! In 58 days, Harry’s House will be here; make sure to pre-save the album here.

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