The 5 best Demi Lovato music videos

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It’s safe to say it’s been a crazy week for Demi Lovato.

She made her return to music at the Grammys where she had the entire audience in tears with the premiere of her new song ‘Anyone’. The vulnerable ballad was written just days before her overdose in July 2018 and the studio version uses the original vocals from back then, adding even more rawness to the track. Demi also made a childhood dream come true over the weekend as she performed the national anthem (and killed it!) at the Super Bowl.

To celebrate the start of this new era, we’ve been re-watching all her music videos and have ranked our top five favourites below.

5. Stone Cold

Yep, we couldn’t leave this one out because those bathtub scenes are just too damn powerful. The video, set in a Game Of Thrones-esque winter wonderland, perfectly complements the icy painful ballad. Our hearts still break watching it.

4. Heart Attack

The electropop lead single, from her self-titled fourth album, introduced us to a new sound from Demi back in 2013. The track became her first-ever top 10 hit in the UK and rightly so – because it’s a bop! The conceptual music video sees her cover herself with black paint and uses monochromatic imagery. One word – iconic.

3. Don’t Forget

Although this wasn’t Demi’s first single, it’s the one that introduced most of us to her way back in 2009 when she was just 16 years old. You couldn’t watch Disney Channel for five minutes without the song being on and our inner emo kid loved it.

2. Cool for the Summer

Demi said gay rights with this bisexual anthem. The hit song was the lead single for her album ‘Confident’ in 2015 and the video is arguably her sexiest yet. It sees the pop star dressed in black latex, partying in a steamy club and promoting the lyric ‘kiss one another’. Anyone else yearning for those hot summer nights?

1. Skyscraper

Of course, this had to take the top spot. ‘Skyscraper’ was Demi’s first single after completing treatment back in 2011 and has cemented itself as a fan favourite ever since. The video saw Demi show a real vulnerability to the world and open up about her mental health struggles like never before. The inspiring ballad represents recovery and continues to help Lovatics (and many others) to stay strong.

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