Our top 6 tracks from Charli XCX’s new album Charli

The pop star delivers one of her best LPs yet.


Charli XCX‘s new album ‘Charli’ is finally here and it’s innovative pop at its finest. After her previous mixtape ‘Pop 2’ was jam-packed with unexpected collaborations, we needed the artist to bring her A-game. She brought back some of her previous features—Brooke Candy, Kim Petras, and CupcakKe just to name a few—and delivered one of her best works to date.

Now it’s time to share our top picks from the singer’s latest LP—let us know which tracks you think are a must-listen over on @unitedbypop!

6. ‘White Mercedes’

As one of the few featureless songs on the album, ‘White Mercedes’ is a nostalgic slow-jam. Charli reminisces about love and missing a significant other, comparing the chase to the expensive model car. It’s a toned-down version of Charli—we’re accustomed to hearing her high-energy beats blasting through the speakers. But sometimes a change of pace is needed and the musician makes it seem effortless.

5. ‘Gone’ feat. Christine and the Queens

It’d be a crime to not include Charli’s collab with Christine and the Queens—nothing screams pop perfection more than this song. While it makes us want to dance all night long, the lyrics address dark emotions. “This song is about those situations where you are surrounded by loads of people but feel so isolated and alone,” Charli shared in an Instagram post. “This song is about breaking down but it’s also about breaking free. It feels like one big external scream.”

4. ‘Cross You Out’ feat. Sky Ferreira 

Charli and Sky Ferreira were the original Tumblr poster girls. When they were young, they epitomized grunge-pop and now as they enter their mid-20s, they’ve grown into the quintessential indie-pop stars. ‘Cross You Out’ showcases the pair’s raw emotions as they belt out lyrics about cutting off toxic relationships. Although the duo take on different types of pop music, it comes together nicely—a combination that is pop-tastically dangerous.

3. ‘Click’ feat. Kim Petras and Tommy Cash

Any track with Kim Petras is absolute fire. To prove that theory, Charli backs it up wholeheartedly. She claims when Kim sent over her verse for their song ‘Click,’ she felt the need to redo her own and that’s all the proof we need to list it as our third favorite. It garners all the attitude that comes naturally for Kim and with a fresh dose of Tommy Cash, ‘Click’ is wrapped up in a chaotic atmosphere that blows our mind.

2. ‘Shake It’ feat. Big Freedia, CupcakKe, Brooke Candy, and Pabllo Vittar

Charli spices things up with Big Freedia, CupcakKe, Brooke Candy, and Pabllo Vittar on the freshly diverse track ‘Shake It.’ Each artist gets their own specifically styled verse, allowing them the chance to stay true to their artistic persona. It’s similar to Charli’s ‘Pop 2’ era—autotune abound along with overwhelming synths. ‘Shake It’ is the least Charli-centric track on the album—she gives them the opportunity to shine and quite frankly, that’s the best part about it.

1. ‘Official’ 

Perhaps one of the most unique tracks from ‘Charli’ is the cathartic ‘Official.’ She takes a break from the bass-heavy and synthetic beats with a touching love song. Charli teases moments of domesticity, sweetness searing through a tough exterior she built up early in her music career. We often view Charli as pop’s edgy princess and while she maintains that hardcore image with suggestive collabs, she shows off a side that proves her creativity. She can be rough around the edges but also emotionally vulnerable—the perfect amount for a dynamic pop star who’s succeeded in making groundbreaking music.

Do you know all the features on Charli’s new album? Take the quiz below to find out!

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