Suho returns with Grey Suit

Suho makes a melancholic comeback with Grey Suit, the follow-up to his 2020 EP Self-Portrait


Suho – EXO’s vocalist and leader – makes his comeback with the new solo EP Grey Suit. Grey Suit is Suho’s second solo EP, following 2020’s Self-Portrait.

The EP is led by the title track ‘Grey Suit’ and comprises six tracks – ‘Morning Star’, ‘Hurdle’, ‘Decanting’, ‘Bear Hug’, and ‘Moment’.

Co-written by Suho, with Cho Yun Kyoung, Oi, and Park Seul Gi, ‘Grey Suit’ is an emotive progressive rock genre song with lyrics expressing increasingly colourful emotions brightening an otherwise grey time. This theme is also perceived in the music video as it shows a contrast between monotones and colour in line with the lyrics.

Each song on the six-track EP was co-written by Suho himself and are all centered around a common theme of ‘time.’

The EP opens with ‘Morning Star’, a ’90s pop-rock song that matches Suho’s vocals exceptionally well, and gives a refreshing vibe to his style. ‘Hurdle’ kicks off with city noises and a lift ding, before a groovy bass will envelop listeners in a delightful mix of pop-R&B.

‘Decanting’ changes the vibe of the EP with its sensual and slow melody that lets decant Suho’s full-body vocals; just like a fine red wine in a decanter, the song’s body gets fuller, richer, and sweeter. In ‘Bear Hug’, Suho shows off all his vocal range in this soft ballad. ‘Moment’ closes the EP with its lovely melody that touches the rock-ballad genre once again. The orchestration of the song gives the EP a great ending.

After its release, the EP soared topped No.1 on the iTunes Top Albums chart in 33 countries, including United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, Oman, Portugal, and Costa Rica.

Grey Suit topped the Korean album charts, such as Hanteo Chart and Synnara Record.

With Grey Suit, Suho explores and well experiments with a new side of himself as an artist, singer, and lyricist.

Suho will release the music video for the track ‘Hurdle’ on April 7.

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