Say hello to Troy and Oliver, the new boys on ‘Love Island’


‘Love Island’ has been some of the most riveting television in recent times, hasn’t it? We didn’t really think we could cope with anymore surprises, that was until we saw Troy Frith and Oliver Maxwell Fernandez. These two beauties are joining the villa, but there’s a twist…


There is only one place available on the show, and the ‘Love Island’ crew are going to pick their favourite. (More stress, why are they doing this to us?)


Here’s everything we know about the latest ‘Love Island’ contenders, it’s really all quite insightful – we promise!


Troy Frith

From ITV
From ITV

Troy is a 23 year old working in sales, and he is from Bexley, London. We have to say he’s pretty easy on the eyes, don’t cha think? He said he’s going to bring ‘excitement’ and ‘laughter’ to the villa. He thinks the worst thing about being single is Sundays (and we’re inclined to agree).


So, how do you win the way to his heart? He likes ‘small, cute and feisty’ girls – it’s a tad specific but whatever floats the boat, right?


Fun fact: He hates going to dinner on dates, he likes adventurous dates! (He has just ticked another one of our boxes!)


His favourite feature on himself is his face… we approve.


Oliver Maxwell Fernandez 

From ITV
From ITV

So, Oliver is a 25 year old model from Barnet (which probably explains his flawless jawline), and he describes himself as “articulate, confident, sarcastic”. His game plan is to be “calm and collected”.

He thinks he’ll get on with everyone other than Scott, oh dear. Is there already trouble in paradise?


Fun fact: He likes having his hair played with, and that’s the worst thing about being single according to Oliver (he’s literally us)…


He was on a date recently and he thought his date hated him, apparently all she did was look at her phone or watch and avoided eye contact – why would anyone do this? Apparently Georgia Jagger is his celebrity crush, but we don’t think she’ll be in the villa anytime soon – so, yes there is hope of love in the villa!


He also likes his own back apparently, which is intriguing. And, he’s a bum person! (Very important information.)


‘Love Island’ is on ITV2 on Sunday at 9pm.


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