Horror movies that have actually scared me


Horror movies are great. They’re my favourite genre to watch. And also the most fun. Yes, I know some horror films are absolutely terrible and just plain bad. However, some are genuinely terrifying. And I will admit, I have been scared by a few. But I really love them. It’s such an adrenaline rush and my heart beats faster. It’s great. So which horror flicks scared the shit out of me?



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Man, this was a great movie. I loved the different storyline. It was something I hadn’t seen before. And the jump scares were actually quite scary. Even the characters were intriguing. Especially Elise (probably my favourite character). She’s so badass. And the plot twists were awesome. A definite must watch.



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Ok, I was legitimately scared after watching this. Granted, I was only like 15 years old at the time. Not the best horror film I’ve seen, yet it’s still got it’s heart-stopping moments. Like the one in the GIF above. That face appearing out of nowhere in the shadows has haunted me. Shit fam.



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Shit, even searching for the above image of the nun was creeping me out. ‘The Conjuring’ 1 and 2 were both equally brilliant horror films. Two of my favourites. I prefer the second movie as I believe it to be more scary. I dare you to make it all the way through with the lights off. The Nun (Valak) is one of the most terrifying villains in my opinion. Scary stuff. Watch it. There ain’t many films with an excellent sequel.



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Now, this trilogy scared me for a completely different reason. An event like the purge could actually happen. A 12-hour period where all crime including murder is legal. Now that’s frightening. You never know what people are capable of, so it was really interesting to get an insight into that world.



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I actually had to pause the movie so I could take a moment. And that was during the day. I won’t be forgetting this any time soon. The story and plot twists were really well done. I wasn’t expecting that ending. But man, that demon face. Nope. I’m out. Don’t even bother watching the sequel, it was shit.

When I watch these films now, I’m all good because I know what to expect. Just a piece of advice: good luck.

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