SM’s super girl group release debut EP Stamp On It

With strong names from all K-pop’s generations, GOT the beat is here to prove they have it all


Since SM Entertainment announced its super unit of female singers, K-pop fans have been excited to see this surprising mix come to life and they were not disappointed when back in 2022 they debuted with a song that got everyone talking about them. Now GOT the beat is back with the EP Stamp On It that is so much stronger than their debut song, showing how things can only get better with time!

GOT the beat is formed by K-pop soloist legend BoA, Hyoyeon and Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation, Seulgi and Wendy from Red Velvet and last but not least, Karina and Winter from aespa. According to SM this is the first unit of this new project called Girls On Top, that will unite many female artists from the company with different genres and styles.

Before we begin to rank the best songs of the EP, let me tell you that the first impression it left on me was that the whole EP carries such a strong inspiration from Destiny’s Child – the beats, the melodies, the strong messages of girl empowerment on each track – but of course that it also carries that bit of K-pop that makes K-pop what it is!

No going back to the rank, let’s talk about the best track on the EP in my opinion:

1. Alter Ego

This song is THE bop of the EP! Even if you don’t understand Korean and don’t look at the translation you will feel the story of the song happening as they sing it. It reflects the power someone has over the good and bad that impacts the whole world, and not just a single person, it calls out the alter ego that can be a hero or a villain.

It kind of reminds me aespa’s ‘Black Mamba’ and ‘Power’ by Little Mix because of the rhythm and the chorus, that is, by the way, really catchy! The post-chorus also gives such a vibe to the song, it’s just so good! It’s a play-it-again type of song, really good, 10/10.

2. Outlaw

The beginning will really take you back to the first time you listened to aespa‘s ‘Next Level’, but only the very beginning, the rest of the song is just so unique for a girl group, the R&B and hip hop beats and vibe are so strong. Taeyeon’s, BoA’s, Seulgi’s, Wendy’s and Winter’s vocals are so good, but I have to praise Karina’s and Hyo’s rap, it’s mind blowing good, it’s only behind their verses in ‘Stamp On It’. 10/10 as well.

3. Goddess Level

This is the kind of song I expected from them lyric-wise. This group with these amazing women deserved a feminist anthem. ‘Goddess Level’ is about self-empowerment, about rising above it all and seeing your worth.

Seulgi’s rap impressed me a lot, I feel like since she’s a vocalist she wouldn’t rap really well, but I just love how she opens the song. The chorus is catchy and it makes you want to dance on the spot, this song is without a doubt 10/10.

4. Stamp On It

Let me tell you how good they all sound here, because it’s going to leave you speechless and again, Karina and Hyo were on point with their rap. The whole song screams girl boss energy and the movie video definitely shows it with the whole we’re taking something without asking permission, catch us if you can kind of vibe.

I’m pleasantly surprised with this song and the whole concept. I don’t think they drift too far away from Step Back’s concept, but this time they gave a direction to it that you can tell it was the right call. 10/10!

5. Rose

The more I listen to it, the more I begin liking it more, but I still think this songs it’s 9/10. As expected they sound amazing and the lyrics are good as they talk about women being like a rose, beautiful but full of thorns, strong and independent. I think it lacks something that I can’t really tell what it is, but I wish it carried more of their identity, but it still is a good song.


Not a bad song, just not my favorite! I think it doesn’t really match the whole EP concept and I think it’s a song that would fit Red Velvet a little better. I still will rank it an 8/10 because as usual they sound really awesome and I have nothing to say about their vocals, always on point.

If you haven’t had the chance to give Stamp On It a listen, we’ll leave the link below and assure you that you won’t regret listening to it!

Now tell us your favorite track on the comments below!

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