Girls’ Generation celebrate 15 year anniversary with new album FOREVER 1

The album FOREVER 1 has swept the global music charts


Legendary K-Pop group Girls’ Generation (SNSD) are back after five years with their much-awaited seventh full-length album FOREVER 1.

Girls’ Generation have come together to celebrate their 15th anniversary since their debut – an incredible milestone for K-Pop acts. After working individually as soloists and actresses, TAEYEON, SUNNY, TIFFANY, HYOYEON, YURI, SOOYOUNG, YOONA and SEOHYUN are ready to take over the charts again and confirm their status as the best K-pop girl groups globally. FOREVER 1 is SNSD’s first release after 2017’s Holiday Night.

FOREVER 1 consists of ten tracks, including the title track ‘FOREVER 1’. Internationally renowned KENZIE participated in the production – she has previously worked on other Girls’ Generation tracks, including ‘Into The New World’, ‘All Night’ and ‘Oh!’ – while SOOYOUNG and TIFFANY have co-writers credits on the track ‘Seventeen’.

The title track ‘FOREVER 1’ has been described as a “dance-pop song with an energetic melody where the girls express their eternal love for precious people who give them strength anytime and anywhere” and it cannot be more accurate. ‘FOREVER 1’ is a fan-service song that merges the dancefloor vibe with the sentimental feeling of the song but is also a power-pop track that exudes energy and makes listeners want to sing along.

The music video for ‘FOREVER 1’ has all the perfect summer visuals and follows the members in their individual concepts, showing how they can shine in their solo careers. Still, at the same time, they will shine brighter and can always come back together as Girls’ Generation.

‘Lucky Like That’ is a charming song with harmonious vocalisation, powerful harmonies and an amazing orchestration. ‘Seventeen’ – co-written by SOOYOUNG and TIFFANY – is a classy SNSD R&B song and no one does it like them. ‘Villain’ ticks all the boxes of “modern” K-Pop – trendy beat, intense and dark bass riffs, and a chorus that opens to a powerful chant. In this song, Girls’ Generation show that they can not only follow the music trends but own them and produce a killer song.

‘You Better Run’ is the continuation of Girls’ Generation 2010 hit single ‘Run Devil Run’. The song toys with electronic, EDM beat and a heavy synth. The track is unique with changes in its tempo and interesting harmonisations. With the groovy ‘Closer’, are you feeling yourself? This R&B – pop track is an eargasm and a magic listening experience. ‘Mood Lamp’ has a minimal instrumentation with a soft guitar and smooth beats; if stripped of all its layers, the base reminds of a lo-fi track.

‘Summer Night’ is a refreshing soft-pop song perfect for summer with its bouncing synth sound. On ‘Freedom’ Girls’ Generation are bringing back the synths with added groovy tunes; the track sounds luxurious and dreamy at the same time, thanks to the soft vocals, dreamy undertones and rich harmonies. ‘Paper Plane’ closes the album with its medium-tempo and vocal-rich style.

According to SM Entertainment, the album ‘FOREVER 1’ topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in 31 countries, including Sweden, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Australia. Girls’ Generation also topped the digital album chart on China’s largest music platform QQ Music and Japan’s Recochoku.

FOREVER 1 is a well-rounded album in which listeners can enjoy every single track as a standalone or as a whole musically rich listening experience.

Girls’ Generation’s FOREVER 1 is available on all streaming platforms.

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