Your fairytale opinions will determine which fairytale world needs you to save it

It's time to save a kingdom...

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Expertly subverting the classic Rapunzel fairytale we all know and love, Ella McLeod’s lyrical debut YA novel written in both verse and prose, Rapunzella, Or Don’t Touch My Hair, is a dream read for lovers of retellings that turn a classic tale on its head in an unique and modern way. Celebrating Black hair and coming into your own power as a young woman, Ella McLeod has created a bold, honest and magical story you won’t be able to pull yourself away from.

To celebrate the release of this fabulous book, we’ve put together a quiz inspired by Rapunzella, so you can find out which classic fairytale world needs your help to save it because, let’s face it, they’re all a little messed up and in need of a modern touch.

Get your copy of Rapunzella, Or Don’t Touch My Hair by Ella McLeod here.

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