Will Linley’s Last Call will be your favorite new dance song

Last Call is Will Linley's newest single, and it's getting us in the mood for love


“Last Call” is the newest single from 21-year-old South African singer Will Linley, and it will definitely be in your feel-good playlist.

Turing a chance encounter into a happily-ever-after kind of love is a storyline that has been pushed onto us since we were little kids… and honestly, I love it. I’m still waiting for a random twist of fate to throw me into a serendipitous fairytale. Bumping into the same hottie you saw at the bar Friday night at your neighborhood grocery store the following Tuesday is the type of plot every romcom thrives on, and for a good reason– we all want to have a romantic meet-cute moment. *Ahem, right, guys? Everyone wants a love-at-first-sight rom-com love story, right?

Well, thankfully, I know I’m not alone because “Last Call” is about turning a fleeting encounter into a true romance.

“Now, at a bar, met this girl
Through a friend of a friend
We started dancing to ABBA
Now I can’t pretend
To play it cool, might be a fool
But I don’t want it to end.”

Meeting someone new can either be the worst social experience or something incredible and restores your faith in humanity and human connections. Linley writes about the latter, and cooly expresses the desire not to want the night to end. This song has an easy and familiar sound, and it’s comforting to jam out to. Piano keys trembling and faint percussions lead to the chorus’ electric boom of guitars, and the abrupt clash of drums makes for a wonderful pop tune. Something I picture being played loudly at a club where everyone belts out, “Oh, it’s last call, baby. I don’t want to go home!”

Although the song doesn’t end with Linley ending up with his charming counterpart, he’s thankful for the time spent and is hopeful they’ll meet again. Very relatable; serendipitous fate don’t fail him now!

His EP kill all my feelings was released last December, and it’s already making waves on Spotify with the leading single “miss me (when you’re gone)” garnering a whopping 15 million streams. Be sure to check out all his socials to keep up to date with all his tour info and new music updates.

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