GOT7 are modern-day Shakespeare in mini-album, DYE

It’s been only a week since GOT7 asked their fans to oh swear “Not By The Moon” with their smashing comeback DYE.


It’s been only a week since GOT7 asked their fans to oh swear “Not By The Moon” with their smashing comeback DYE.

Recently, GOT7 made a comeback with “DYE”, marking it their 11th mini-album since debut. Along with the mini-album, the group shared the MV for the highly anticipated title track “NOT BY THE MOON”. With this release, GOT7 have proven once again that they are the most compelling K-Pop band on the current scene and their global success. The album “DYE” hit No. 1 on 40 iTunes Top Albums charts globally while their comeback showcase recorded 1.77 million simultaneous users, with many global viewers joining it.

The comeback’s concept was deeply inspired by Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, as shown in the cinema trailer where the video incorporated Juliet’s speech in Act 2 Scene 2 of the play. There, she prays for Romeo to not swear his love by the moon, as the moon is constantly changing.

The MV for “Not By The Moon” perfectly portrays the magical feel of the song, with GOT7 being breathtaking princes – and Jackson Wang wearing a crown and sitting on a throne. The powerful choreography – check the dance practice – makes the viewer curious and craving to see the video in its entirety.

The song has an alternating synth line and trap beat making it sound majestic and perfectly match the serious and dramatic tone of the lyrics while pairing together with the interchanging vocals.

The opening track “AURA”, written and composed by Youngjae (Ars), starts with JB soft and smooth vocals and has a distinctly R&B vibe. Before the chorus kicks in the instrumental builds up to explode on a distorted “Aura” making the song a little different and pretty catchy.

“CRAZY” – lyrics and composition by JB – is another R&B track but with more sustained notes. The synths lines break down and build back up to frenzied high-synth beats over a fast, hard-hitting bass drum pattern. It’s a slow burn that would make you feel good and crazy.

“LOVE YOU BETTER” – lyrics by Jinyoung – is a layered bright soft pop track. The song waves between mellow jazzy-pop verses and 8-bit synth lines. Vocally, it feels like GOT7 are serenading AhGaSes, with verses like “I knock knock on your window Midnight love, love serenade” and “I loved you before now I love you more”.

With “TRUST MY LOVE”, GOT7 dive into the reggaeton-house vibes. The song has a catchy beat, something quite varied stylistically. At its first listen, it might be something you would not expect from GOT7 but after a few plays, you can feel GOT7’s willingness and attitude to always experiment to show different sides of them.

The closing track “POISON” (also named “Daddy Song” by Jackson Wang), starts with whistles before sliding into a real club banger. This is the heaviest song on the album, leading towards a more hip-hop vibe with exaggerated but very enjoyable vocals.Yugyeom took part in writing the lyrics for this track.

DYE showcase GOT7’s maturity and complexity. Since their debut, their growth is very well noticeable overall, musically and visually. With this comeback, GOT7 have raised their own personal high standards and added another must-listen album to their already solid discography.

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