All Time Low fans are loving Wake Up, Sunshine

Hustlers are enjoying Wake Up, Sunshine in quarantine with creative new outlets for their love of All Time Low


Wake up, sunshine! All Time Low released their latest album at the beginning of the month. The excitement began with the release of “Some Kind of Disaster” in January. Since then, fans have been reacting to music, creating fan art, and sharing conspiracy theories.

Wake Up, Sunshine features guest performers The Band CAMINO in “Favorite Place” and blackbear in “Monsters,” a surprise that gave fans a lot to say.

Playing off “Monsters,” this fan mixed All Time Low fan art with the cartoon style of Gravity Falls. You can watch her process through TikTok and hear a clip of the song along with it.

A “Monsters Challenge” also made the rounds as fans tried out blackbear’s lines for themselves.

The pairings inspired some to tweet All Time Low collaborations they hope to see in the future. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Did the boys make their comeback to predict COVID-19? Some fans dove into conspiracies linking “Sleeping In” to life under lockdown.

The pandemic isn’t the only major event that lined up with the album’s release. With new-found free time, fans reached new creative outlets, making it to a new platform through Animal Crossing New Horizons in addition to physical and graphic designs.

This new era’s All Time Low icon is perfect for a canvas design for your Animal Crossing home or town flag.

Not great with the designs? The album makes a great personal soundtrack for your gameplay. After all, the game is a hustle.

Getting creative in the real world, another fan added the Wake Up, Sunshine-era All Time Low design to their car, and the placement is way better than your typical bumper sticker.

Even album-inspired makeup looks hit Twitter. This one might be one to bookmark for a concert look when life gets back to normal.

While we wait for live shows to be possible again, the album is available on multiple platforms. With a comeback this good, we completely understand the need to own it on every single one.

Or to stream it pretty much constantly. Thanks for tracking stats, Spotify.

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