The Fine Line DVD we didn’t know we needed

We’ve officially started the petition for a behind-the-album movie for Fine Line after seeing this edit circulating on Twitter.


With everyone staying at home now, there’s been an influx of creative content inspired by Twitter’s favorite celebrities, including the lovely Harry Styles.

Aside from a couple of radio interviews and some paparazzi photos, Harry has remained fairly quiet during quarantine. During Harry’s hiatus, fans haven’t stopped sharing their Harry-inspired art, coloring pages, fan merch, and Fine Line-inspired clothes. However, one Twitter user took inspiration from the Fine Line era so far and created a nostalgic video edit that takes us back to a time before we streamed movies on Netflix.

Twitter user @goldenaudeline conceptualized what a Fine Line movie could possibly look like, taking us through the main menu and scene selection, which includes their own fan edits of the “Lights Up,” “Adore You,” and “Falling” music videos. The edit abruptly ends when attempting to watch the “Watermelon Sugar” music video, which has not been released.

While it’s a bummer that so many concerts from our favorite artists are currently being canceled and postponed, there is so much opportunity to be more creative and pull inspiration from our favorite artists and albums. So keep listening to your favorite albums and let the music and lyrics take you on your own creative journey — even Stevie Nicks is doing it!

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