AJR releases new single The DJ Is Crying For Help

AJR are back with their latest single, "The DJ Is Crying For Help"


The indie pop trio, AJR, are back with a new single, “The DJ Is Crying For Help.”


The song starts off with a slow melody played on the piano. It then picks up with a flurry of violin and head-bobbing, electronic beats. The pensive lyrics tackle the anxiety of growing up from, “You’ve wasted your life but thanks for applying” to “I got no skills except getting high.” It’s a slower and more melodramatic song that makes you miss your younger self when you didn’t have to have life figured out yet.

In talking about the latest single, the brother trio said, “The DJ Is Crying For Help is about the worry of having peaked already. You set these huge expectations for your life early on, and the song is about the moment when you realize life is not turning out the way you planned.”

This latest single comes after their previous release of “I Won’t” earlier this year.

It wouldn’t be surprising if this latest single ends up taking over TikTok much like their other hit, “World’s Smallest Violin”, but either way, I hope this means even more music from the trio is on the way soon.

The “The DJ Is Crying For Help” music video is out now too.

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