Keep calm and get the Harryween tickets you deserve

If presale didn’t work out the way you wanted, follow our top techniques to get tickets this Friday.


Harryween (a two-night Fancy Dress Party held at the iconic Madison Square Garden to celebrate the popular holiday formally known as Halloween) tickets are going on General Sale this Friday at 10am EST. We’ve given you all the practical advice before on how to get the tickets you want, but this time we’re taking a more holistic approach: how to keep calm and keep committed to get the tickets you deserve.

So here you go, three top techniques for keeping the stress levels down and the ticket success high.

Listen to Harry

It’s chaos out there. You need the universe on your side for ticket sales. What better way to manipulate the positive energy of the earth whilst also contributing to chart streams than to play your fave Harry Styles songs throughout the whole ticket-securing saga. You could even make a special playlist that you only bring out to motivate you through the ticket sales.

Singing along will make you happy. When you are happy your body releases endorphins which will lower your stress levels, so it’s practically science that you should listen to Harry whilst trying to track down tickets that won’t jump out of your basket when somebody else checks out first.

Get Ready

Ticket buying isn’t a five-seconds five-clicks situation anymore. You need to be prepared. Stay hydrated (not too hydrated unless you want to risk a dash to the bathroom). Get your snacks and sugar in. Are you warm enough? Are you too warm? Does your device have enough battery? Do you need to make a cup of tea for your grandmother?

These are all questions that should be answered well before Ticketmaster lets you into the lobby. Get prepared and you’ll have no distractions. The adrenaline will be kicking in whether you get tickets or not, but some sweet snacks will help you on your way to buzzing with excitement.

Disappointment doesn’t last forever

Why not make your own costume, invite some friends over and celebrate Harryween in the comfort of your own home? Harry’s last tour and the Fine Line Live shows were pretty easily accessible through Periscope. Yes, sometimes the internet connections are dodgy, somebody is filming in portrait and not landscape, or the hundreds of other phones are blocking the view. But with pretty minimal effort, you can put Periscope on in the background and follow along to the live show on Twitter.

But if you are a lover of high-quality definition photographs or good quality audio recordings, give it a day and there will be content everywhere online. You’ll get all the highlights wrapped up neatly by your fave update account and you won’t have to go trawling for content.

Harry’s only just getting started. He’s always surprising us and subverting our expectations. Over the next few years, we can expect many more special or secret shows. If you don’t get tickets this time around, the disappointment doesn’t last forever. Your bank balance might even appreciate you.

Love on Tour kicks off in Birmingham, U.K mid-April and there will be a ridiculous amount of joyful content then. You can hold out a little longer.

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