Fancy a Thorpe Park Discount? Then You Better Register to Vote!


As you’re probably aware, there’s a big General Election coming up here in the UK and it’s one of the most significant General Elections of our generation. It could change who we have as Prime Minister leading our country.

As an incentive to get young people to register to vote, there is a Thorpe Park discount for anyone between the ages of 18-24 who can prove they have registered to vote. The British theme park created this initiative to encourage the younger generation to hit the polls on 8th June.  If you register to vote before 11:59pm on Monday 22nd May and can prove to the theme park that you have done exactly that, you will be able to purchase entrance tickets for £20. Not a bad exchange, is it?

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Dominic Jones, Divisional Director at Thorpe Park, said: “This is one of the most significant general elections of our generation and we want to encourage more young people to register their chance to vote.”

“We often hear young people are disengaged from politics, but a large number of our guests have shown an interest in politics, world events and social issues. However, there are still a large number abstaining from voting in political elections. Young people are just as concerned about the financial future as any other person.”

“Over two thousand 18-24 year olds pass through our gates every week, so we wanted to do something to encourage the younger generation to hit the polling stations on June 8th. *

“For anyone aged 18-24 who has registered to vote before the May 22nd deadline, we will offer entry to Thorpe Park for £20, between the 22nd – 26th May 2017.”

For more information on getting your Thorpe Park discount and the terms and conditions, visit their website.

To register to vote, click here.

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