Breaking down every hidden meaning in 5 Seconds of Summer’s Old Me music video

Here are all our theories on what everything means in this emotional trip down memory lane.


“Don’t talk to me I just watched the Old Me video”
-Luke Hemmings

5SOS have always had some of the best music videos in the game — but with this new era, things just got to a whole other level. The music video for their latest single “Old Me” has been no exception, and it may just be the most detailed music video we’ve ever seen.

Fans have taken to social media to explain their theories, and with all those in mind, here is the full list of Easter eggs spotted in the “Old Me” music video.

But before we begin our journey on the 5SOS express, let’s discuss the announcement of the music video. The announcement of the music video was released on March 9 — the date of the most recent full moon. Full moons represent the acknowledgment of your past and “a time to celebrate your growth, take note of what progress you have made and to reflect on how far you have come” according to Woot and Hammy.

The video was then released on the 10th of March: a new moon. Both the full moon and new moon represent dreams coming true and are the best times for manifestation. Clearly, the video is a symbol of how 5SOS were able to achieve their goals and become who they are today.

Choo-choo! All-aboard! The first stop on the 5SOS Express is 5SOS’s home town of Sydney, Australia, where each of the members boards a train in the order the band was formed: Luke, Michael, Calum, and finally Ashton. The boys were the first ones on the train and seem to be the only ones who are always on it. Many people come on and off the train, symbolizing their supporters coming and going.

One of the first scenes portrays the younger version of Michael (lead guitarist of the band) playing a video game that appears to have something to do with guitars. The guitarist has previously said he learned to play the guitar by playing the game ‘Guitar Hero’. He almost quit learning how to play the guitar because it was too difficult, but he never gave up because of his father’s persuasion.

The next clip depicts the younger version of the bassist, Calum, playing soccer. It soon cuts to his present self holding the soccer ball. Another scene shows a clip of all the younger versions of the boys sitting on a couch (which we’ll discuss later on) with Calum having the ball clutched tightly in his hands. The next scene shows the present version of the boys on the same couch with the soccer ball out of Calum’s hands.

Calum had a passion for soccer and when he was younger, and he got the opportunity to play in Brazil to represent Australia that could have launched his career. This was a few days prior to making the decision to join the band with Luke and Michael. In the end, Calum gave up his passion for soccer and decided to join the band instead, not knowing if the band would truly take off.

The younger version of the lead singer, Luke, is seen multiple times in short clips where he seems to be doing work while being accompanied by a musical item. When the band first started out, Luke still did school work and had to manage homework with being in the band — which was, of course, a struggle.

Also–peep the ICONIC pink speakers in one of the clips from way back in their YouTube cover days.


One of the following scenes shows the boys on a yellow car (I LOST THE KEYS TO MY DAD’S YELLOW HUMMER) in the middle of the road. A few fans believe that based on one of their older music videos for their song “Amnesia” — the yellow car symbolizes their growth since they first started out as a band as the bicycle used in the “Amnesia” music video was the same color. The car shows their development and growth, since a car is far larger and more efficient compared to a bicycle.

Another one of the main settings of the music video is in what is believed to be Michael’s grandma’s house where the band would meet to film covers/songs (such as “Teenage Dirtbag” and “Gotta Get Out”) and hang out. The iconic room in which these videos were filmed makes another entrance as the younger versions of the boys and the present version of them are seated on the couch in the room, symbolizing their true beginnings as a band.

In yet another clip, the younger versions of 5SOS recreate the cover of their “Somewhere New” EP, which was their first-ever EP.

Revisiting the iconic living room — 5SOS are seen in a kitchen where they are snacking and chatting. Michael is seen passing a specific sauce to the drummer Ashton named Truff. After some research, we discovered that the sauce was in fact a hot sauce that was known to have broken boundaries of what a standard hot sauce was — much like the band (of course with music and… not hot sauce).

One of the biggest clips that struck most of the fans was when the younger versions of the boys boarded the back of the train. Fans had many theories on what this could mean but after reading a few, we’ve created a combined rough sketch of what it could possibly mean.

The younger 5SOS boarded the back of the train while the present 5SOS were in the front–symbolizing how the younger 5SOS still had far to go before they reached the level of experience and knowledge as the present 5SOS. The younger 5SOS being on the train with the present 5SOS represents how 5SOS still carry a part of their younger selves with them on their journey no matter what. 5SOS still have the drive that their younger selves did and still acknowledge their past selves throughout their journey.

Referring back to the members, the next clip showed the young version of Ashton working super hard to try and fix his drum kit and drumming area (PEEP the dog who could be representing Molly). This could show how Ashton worked extremely hard to perfect his work–maybe even referring back to how he started learning the drums (which is a whole other story).

Speaking of Ashton, if you look closely at many of the shots, you can see how the younger Ashton is the one who kicks the soccer ball out of Calum’s hands and nudges Luke’s homework. This shows how Ashton was the one who believed in the band’s potential (being the momager of the band) and encouraged them that the band was the right choice for them.

We’ve already mentioned how some settings of the music video are similar to their music video for ‘Amnesia’ but there are a few more clips that reference their older song. One of the later clips is shot in a garage area very similar to the one in the ‘Amnesia’ music video. Another reference that few fans have noticed is a clip where the younger version of Ashton is sitting upside down–similarly to when he did in the ‘Amnesia’ music video.

Another little detail we noticed was a glammed up woman in a red dress holding what we have decided was an Aria award. Going back a few years, 5SOS won an ARIA award in 2014 and the award was presented to them by a woman in an almost identical red dress. The lady could represent the recognition of their work and maybe how thankful they were of it.

Whilst on the train, Michael turns and sees a businessman on fire. He proceeds to then turn away, put his headphones on and ignore him. Fans had many theories on the meaning of this but Ashton came to twitter to address the true meaning of the man: “The businessman on fire represents the record business side of things that we’ve dealt with behind the scenes. It’s a Pink Floyd reference as well…”.

Another part that really got to the OG fans’ hearts was the One Direction reference the band included. The 1D boys are seen for a split second sitting across 5SOS as a way to acknowledge how thankful they were for the opportunities 1D gave them.

This wouldn’t be a shout out to the old 5SOS if they didn’t mention the band’s first-ever gig. 5SOS’s first performance was at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney, Australia where they were booked to perform for over 200 people (but only 12 people showed up). They mentioned it in the video as the younger 5SOS were seen playing at the venue followed by emotional videos of the band’s past playing music before the band.

And our final stop on the 5SOS express is, of course, FireFight Australia! 5SOS end the trip with them getting off the train and opening at the fundraising concert in Australia–one of their biggest on most impactful concerts to date.

Thank you for coming along on this theory journey with us! Let us know what other theories you have.

Oh and here’s a little bonus Easter egg:

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