Taylor Swift – why she really needs to take a break


Taylor, Taylor, Taylor not again. Taylor Swift country singing, blonde hair sweetheart won over the hearts of the world with her angsty songs about bitter breakups which built an infamous reputation with people guessing which song was about which boyfriend (Dear John being a not so subtle dig at John Mayer for example). With the release of Taylor’s 1989 album in 2014, Taylor transitioned from country to pop which enabled her to have the biggest hit of her career ‘Shake It Off’ (also her 1st Number one single) and also her most successful album to date.

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However, with huge success came Taylor Swift’s downfall. With constant repetitive radio airplay, a mind-numbing attitude of ‘look at me I’m succeeding’ and an ever increasing ‘clique’ of famous friends. Taylor was the name on everyone’s lips once again… but maybe for the wrong reason?

After the incredibly successful ‘1989 World Tour’, Swift stated that she would be taking a break from the limelight and from writing music for a few years. Nonetheless, Swift’s name has still been making headlines globally after the highly publicised clash with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, getting into and finishing relationships with some of Hollywoods most famous men and ghost-writing Calvin Harris’ ‘This Is What You Came For’ yet still wanting credit after the songs global success.

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So, what can Taylor Swift do to get back on the good side of the general public. My advice? Take. A. Break. By that I mean no social media, no pictures, keep your name out of the industry loop and let people forget about you for a bit. Let people WANT you back, like Beyoncé said, “back by popular demand”. Let the popular opinion be “we want Taylor Swift back”.

I honestly think Taylor Swift is an incredible songwriter, popstar, and touring artist. I just believe the industrialisation of the industry became a bit too much for her and she lost what made her likeable when she first started. A girl with a guitar who could write and sing incredibly relatable songs. I want a new album from Taylor Swift but only when Taylor Swift is creating music for her, not for the industry.


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