Trailer Review: The Edge of Seventeen featuring Hailee Steinfeld


A new trailer for ‘The Edge of Seventeen’ has premiered and showcases just why Hailee Steinfeld should have stuck to her acting. Hailee Steinfeld has previously been nominated for an Oscar for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for her performance in the 2010 film ‘True Grit’. Now with another critical starring role on her hands can Steinfeld collect some awards this coming award season?

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‘The Edge Of Seventeen’ tells the story of Nadine (played by Steinfeld), an awkward teen who’s life is made even more awkward when her brother Darian (played by Glee’s Blake Jenner) begins dating her best friend (played by Haley Lu Richardson). With life throwing more obstacles at her, Nadine begins to feel like her life is reaching a new low until a friendship with a likeminded boy named Erwin (played by Hayden Szeto) changes her view on life. Woody Harrelson also stars as Nadine’s History teacher and confidant. Harrelson’s dry humour is used effectively in the trailer something that he’s showcased in some of his previous successful films (Now You See Me and Zombieland).

With critics stating that ‘The Edge Of Seventeen’ is joining the ranks of classic coming of age films such as ‘Clueless’, ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘The Perks of Being A Wallflower’ the movie has high expectations in place. The incredible trailer showcases Steinfeld’s acting and Harrelson’s comedic genius, and if it’s anything to go by ‘The Edge of Seventeen’ really is set to be a teen favourite for years to come.

The Edge of Seventeen is slated to be released on November 18th, just before the holiday season and just in time for it to be a contender come award season.

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