Demi Lovato releases rock version of Heart Attack

'Heart Attack' gets an upgrade from the superstar herself.


Demi Lovato‘s rock era continues to reign supreme.

It’s somehow already been 10 years since Lovato released one of her biggest singles, “Heart Attack.” To celebrate the song’s anniversary, the singer decided to give it an update.

“Heart Attack (Rock Version)” is an edgier, pop-punk version of the already banger of a song. It features re-recorded vocals and is produced by Warren ‘Oak’ Felder and Mitch Allan, who produced the original song.

In speaking about this new rock version, Lovato said, “I’m so happy to be able to give a new life to ‘Heart Attack’ with a sound that reflects where I am with my music. This one is for the fans who have shown so much love to the song over the last decade, thank you for riding with me!”

Lovato first performed a rock version of this song on her 2022 HOLY FVCK Tour, the same name as her critically acclaimed album, HOLY FVCK.

In addition to this new rock version, Lovato is set to make her directorial debut in a Hulu documentary following the ups and downs of being a child star.

Listen to “Heart Attack (Rock Version)” here.

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